Alastair Marsh Comedy Wildlife winner
Photo credit and copyright Alastair Marsh / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

Lions, Tigers, and … Oh Boy: The Comedy Wildlife Awards Are Here

Each year, Comedy Wildlife hosts an online photography competition featuring some of the funniest animal encounters in nature.

2019’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is a wrap, and we are very excited to see the winners. It’s simple: Photographers capture funny photos and submit them with (even funnier) captions. Then judges vote. The result? A fantastic display of photography skills, sheer luck, oh-no moments, and hilarious scrolling.

Overall Winner

Sarah Skinner with ‘Grab life by the …’

Sarah Skinner Comedy Wildlife Award
Sarah Skinner, overall winner; photo credit and copyright Sarah Skinner / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

“The winning entry shows the wonderful moment of a cub and adult lion ‘playing’ … although the thought of what might have happened next truly makes the eyes water!” wrote the Comedy Wildlife judges in the winning announcement.

Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award

Harry Walker with ‘Oh My!’

Harry Walker's "Oh My!"
“Oh My!”; photo credit: Harry Walker / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

Our Editors’ Favorite Winner

Tilakraj Nagaraj with ‘Warning! Territory Marking, follow at your own risk’

Tilakraj Nagaraj Comedy Wildlife
“Warning! Territory Marking, follow at your own risk”; photo credit: Tilakraj Nagaraj / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019

Out of 4,000 entries, this year’s contest was one of the largest yet. You can check out the entire roundup of winners here.

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