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The Best Dog Beds of 2024

A dedicated dog bed provides our pups comfort, insulation, and a safe space to call their own, and is especially important for older dogs or dogs with joint issues. Our experts and their dogs tested the leading brands to find the best dog beds of the year.

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As devoted owners of adventurous, active dogs, we recognize the importance of ensuring our furry friends receive the utmost comfort and care. Dogs need a dedicated space to call their own (yes, even when they spend most nights sleeping in our beds) that can support and relieve their joints, insulate them from the cold ground, and provide them with a sense of security. Dog beds are also important for establishing boundaries in the home, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t want your dog on any furniture.

Given the amount of pet-specific brands touting the unique features of their products, navigating the world of online shopping for pet products can be daunting. After all, you can’t exactly ask your dog what they want. These days, dog beds are designed for various purposes, from outdoor-specific beds, waterproof beds, orthopedic beds, packable beds, travel beds, and more. Our team of experts is here to simplify your search and guide you toward selecting the perfect resting place for your best friend.

Dog owners for over 20 years, our experts — ahem, their dogs — tested a range of different dog beds over a couple of months. We put them paw-to-paw in our living rooms and front yards; we brought them car camping, backpacking, and to the climbing crag. Based on our testing, we bring you the best dog beds of 2024. We’ve also included an in-depth buyer’s guide and FAQ section so you can dive deeper into picking Fido’s ideal bed, and we’ve included a comparison chart so you can more easily see how they stack up against each other.

The Best Dog Beds of 2024

Best Overall Dog Bed

HEST Dog Bed


  • Materials 3” temperature-resilient memory foam, waterproof bottom exterior, waterproof liner, integrated compression straps
  • Sizes available S, M, L
  • Dimensions 26” x 18” (S), 36” x 24” (M), 44” x 30” (L)
  • Removable/washable cover Yes
Product Badge The Best Dog Beds of 2024


  • Packable and portable
  • Waterproof bottom exterior
  • Durable, tear-resistant fabric
  • Thick, comfortable foam
  • Variety of sizes


  • Higher price point than other travel beds
  • Waterproofing makes stains and dirt harder to clean
Best Budget Dog Bed

FurHaven Orthopedic Dog Bed


  • Materials Convoluted orthopedic polyethylene foam, polyester fiberfilled pillow
  • Sizes available M, L, Jumbo, Jumbo Plus
  • Dimensions 30” x 20” x 3” (M), 36” x 27” x 3” (L), 40” x 32” x 4” (Jumbo), 53” x 40” x 5” (Jumbo Plus)
  • Removable/washable cover Yes
The Best Dog Beds of 2024


  • Simple setup
  • Machine washable cover
  • Bolster for added comfort
  • Open on two sides for easy access
  • Soft faux fur and suede lining
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not resistant to water, tearing, or staining
  • Foam mattress compresses easily
  • Seems shorter-lasting
Best Runner-Up Dog Bed

Orvis RecoveryZone Couch Dog Bed


  • Materials 90% post-consumer recycled polyester and 10% virgin polyester
  • Sizes available S, M, L, XL
  • Dimensions (total surface) 23” x 34.5” (S), 27” x 40.5” (M), 31” x 47” (L), 35” x 53” (XL)
  • Removable/washable cover Yes
The Best Dog Beds of 2024


  • Supportive foam alleviates pressure on joints
  • Top layer keeps dogs cool
  • Accommodates all sleeping types
  • Couch shape offers security and is easy to get in and out of


  • Sizing recommendations are small for loungers
  • Firm foam may take some adjustment time
Best Dog Bed for Backpacking

Ruffwear Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag


  • Materials 75 denier cire polyester with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish, 120 g recycled polyester synthetic down, 40 denier nylon with WR (Water Repellent) finish, YKK reverse coil zipper
  • Sizes available M, L
  • Dimensions 33.5” x 25.2” (M), 43.3” x 28.3” (L)
  • Removable/washable cover No
The Best Dog Beds of 2024


  • Compression sack really packs it down
  • Half-length zipper allows you to tuck your dog in on colder nights, or leave it open on warmer nights
  • Four outer elastic loops to stake the bed into the ground
  • Synthetic down insulation keeps pups cozy
  • Outer fabric is water- and tear-resistant
  • When packed, fits in the corresponding sizes of Ruffwear’s backpack harnesses (Palisades and Approach styles)


  • Sleeping pad is sold separately
Best Travel Dog Bed

Timberdog Ruffrest Sporty


  • Materials 900D moisture-repellent nylon, sherpa fleece, YKK zippers, Duraflex buckles
  • Sizes available S, M, L
  • Dimensions 26” x 18” x 3” (S), 34” x 24” x 3” (M), 44” x 32” x 3” (L)
  • Removable/washable cover Yes
The Best Dog Beds of 2024


  • Machine washable exterior
  • Thoughtful features like reflective loops and strap, water bottle sleeve
  • Portable
  • Functions as a sleeping bag
  • Hanging organizer
  • Machine washable exterior


  • Noisy
  • Leash hardware is lower quality
  • High price tag
Best Elevated Dog Bed

Ruffwear Mt. EverRest Dog Cot


  • Materials 150-denier polyester suede with WR (Water Repellent) finish, 200-denier polyester with WR finish, anodized aluminum, shock cord, non-PVC soft urethane
  • Sizes available One size
  • Dimensions 30” x 38” x 8”
  • Removable/washable cover Yes
The Best Dog Beds of 2024


  • Simple setup
  • Sleek, straightforward design
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight


  • Can be difficult to stretch the canvas to reach all four attachment points
  • Shock cord makes disassembly somewhat annoying — the feet like to pop back into place, which makes it hard to get the bed back into its storage bag
Best of the Rest

Backcountry x Petco Bed Seat Cover


  • Materials Tear-, stain-, and water-resistant canvas
  • Sizes available One size
  • Dimensions 28” x 23.6” x 20”
  • Removable/washable cover Yes
The Best Dog Beds of 2024


  • Simple setup
  • Durable fabric
  • Easy to clean
  • Antimicrobial treatment on fabric reduces odors
  • Stows inside itself for easy transport
  • Reversible cushion


  • Really only fits medium-to-large-sized dogs when they are sitting; lying down, they are too big for the bed

Barbour Wax/Cotton Dog Bed


  • Materials 100% waxed cotton, 70% polyester, 30% acrylic sherpa fleece
  • Sizes available S (24”), M (30”), L (35”)
  • Dimensions 25” x 20” x 10” (S), 30” x 24” x 12” (M), 35” x 27” x 13” (L)
  • Removable/washable cover No
The Best Dog Beds of 2024


  • Doughnut shape is perfect for dogs who love to curl up
  • Durable waxed cotton liner
  • Reversible inner cushion to swap between fleece or canvas cushioning
  • Aesthetically pleasing for the home
  • High-sided walls provide a sense of security
  • Dropped entry allows for easy access


  • Not much room if your dog also likes to spread out
  • Liner is not removable for easy washing
  • Expensive for what it offers

Ruffwear Highlands Dog Pad


  • Materials 150 denier cire polyester suede with WR (Water Repellent) finish, 4 mm small cell foam, 120 g recycled polyester synthetic down, 600 denier polyester with TPE finish
  • Sizes available M, L
  • Dimensions 33.25” x 23.6” (M), 43.3” x 26.8” (L)
  • Removable/washable cover No
The Best Dog Beds of 2024


  • Waterproof, tear-resistant base
  • Dirt easily wipes off microsuede upper
  • Simple accordion fold allows for easy transport
  • Lightweight
  • Synthetic down insulates against the cold ground
  • For added warmth and comfort, designed to fit into the Ruffwear Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag of the corresponding size


  • Thin, so not ideal for dogs with joint issues or for really cold environments

Dog Bed Comparison Table

Dog BedPriceMaterialsSizesRemovable/Washable Cover
HEST Dog Bed$149-2503” temperature-resilient memory foam, waterproof bottom exterior, waterproof liner, integrated compression strapsS, M, LYes
FurHaven Orthopedic Dog Bed$29-118Convoluted orthopedic polyethylene foam, polyester fiberfilled pillowM, L, Jumbo, Jumbo PlusYes
Orvis RecoveryZone® Couch Dog Bed$223-44990% post-consumer recycled polyester and 10% virgin polyesterS, M, L, XLYes
Ruffwear Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag$100-14075 denier cire polyester with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish, 120 g recycled polyester synthetic down, 40 denier nylon with WR (Water Repellent) finish, YKK reverse coil zipperM, LNo
Timberdog Ruffrest Sporty$259-299900D moisture-repellent nylon, sherpa fleece, YKK zippers, Duraflex bucklesS, M, LYes
Ruffwear Mt. EverRest Dog Cot$180150 denier polyester suede with WR (Water Repellent) finish, 200 denier polyester with WR finish, anodized aluminum, shock cord, non-PVC soft urethaneOne sizeYes
Backcountry x Petco Bed Seat Cover$130Tear-, stain-, and water-resistant canvasOne sizeYes
Barbour Wax/Cotton Dog Bed$100-180100% waxed cotton, 70% polyester, 30% acrylic sherpa fleeceS (24”), M (30”), L (35”)No
Ruffwear Highlands Dog Pad$40-60150 denier cire polyester suede with WR (Water Repellent) finish, 4 mm small cell foam, 120 g recycled polyester synthetic down, 600 denier polyester with TPE finishM, LNo
Tester dog, Indy enjoys the sunset from his HEST Dog Bed; (photo/Kelsey Wellington)

How We Tested Dog Beds

As pet parents, we want to give our dogs the best. Like us, dogs deserve a comfortable place to sleep–one to call their own, even if they spend most nights sleeping on (a.k.a. taking over) our beds. Lead tester and reviewer Kelsey Wellington has been a dog owner all her life and, given the very active lifestyle she and her dogs lead, she understands the importance of a quality dog bed for her best friend.

Kelsey and her Husky mutt, Talus, tested out these beds over a period of two months. Editor Chris Kassar, also a dog owner and dog lover for decades, contributed by testing a couple of beds with the help of her 10-year-old yellow lab, Nala, and Nala’s boyfriend, Archer (who often spends the night), also chimed in with his opinion.

We brought the travel-specific beds on numerous late winter/early spring trips, subjecting the beds to a variety of environmental conditions. And, the less portable beds went through a rigorous testing process indoors comparing ease of assembly, washability, durability, comfort, and support.  We also shared the beds with friends and their pups, testing out the beds on different dog preferences and personalities (i.e., destructive dogs). 

In addition to having our dogs test them, we admit that we did curl up for a nap or two on each product (in the name of work!)  just to see how they felt on our sore joints and muscles. We also had friends use them while sitting around the house and asked for feedback on their experience. 

Throughout these field tests, we determined the best dog beds based on comfort, materials, durability, hygiene, packability, versatility, and value.

best dog beds Timberdog Ruffrest
The Timberdog Ruffrest was the perfect companion on the road, providing our dogs with a comfortable place to rest regardless of the weather; (photo/Kelsey Wellington)

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Dog Bed

The average dog spends about 50% of their time sleeping and another 30% lounging, which means providing our best friends with a dedicated resting spot — one that is comfortable and secure — is hugely important. The wide array of styles, sizes, thicknesses, and materials of dog beds can make finding the perfect bed a daunting task. If only our furry companions could vocalize their preferences, shopping for a dog bed would be a breeze.

However, you are armed with a deep knowledge and understanding of your dog’s preferences and needs, including their individual sleeping style, their activity level, their recovery requirements, and their preference for certain types of fabrics and materials.

Use this as a starting point when bed shopping, and allow this guide to steer you in the right direction. And, if your pup is an adventure dog who could benefit from a sweet harness, check out our guide to Best Dog Harnesses to find the perfect one for your best friend.

Sleeping Style and Bed Shape

Does your dog curl into a ball when he/she sleeps? Is he/she an unapologetic spreader, taking up most of your mattress? Does your dog prefer to rest her head on a pillow or blanket, or lean up against something? Based on this knowledge, you can narrow down your selection to a specific bed shape:

  • Circular beds (also known as bagel beds or doughnut beds): Rounded beds with an inner cushion surrounded by a raised pillow (the bolster), great for dogs that love to curl up.
  • Mattress beds (also known as loungers): A simple rectangular bed with no bolsters or raised edges. Think of it as a dog-sized mattress, great for dogs that love to spread out.
  • Bolster beds: Like circular beds, but square or rectangular in shape, surrounded by a bolster on all four sides. Great for dogs that prefer to rest their heads on something or need a little more security.
  • Couch beds: Similar to bolster beds, but with an opening on one or two sides like the Orvis Recovery Zone Couch Dog Bed, allowing for easier access for your dog.
  • Cots: Made from a fabric sling stretched across a metal or plastic frame (think, hammock), these beds are elevated off the ground. This style, like found in the Ruffwear Mt. EverRest Dog Cot is great for outdoor spaces and dogs that prefer cooler air, as air can flow underneath the sling.


Consider the size and breed of your dog, opting for a bed that provides enough space for them to stretch out comfortably. Larger breeds may require larger beds to accommodate their size, while smaller breeds may prefer cozier options. Pay attention to weight recommendations as well, ensuring the bed can adequately support your dog’s weight. (This is especially important for cot-style beds.)

A bed that is too small can cause discomfort and restrict movement, while one that is too large may not provide the sense of security that dogs often seek in their resting place. Take measurements of your dog when they are lying down in their natural sleeping position to determine the appropriate bed size and choose accordingly.

best dog beds Orvis Recovery Zone Couch Bed
At 10 years old, Nala knows what kind of bed she likes and the Orvis Recovery Zone Couch Bed was one of her favs due to the perfect amount of support it provided; (photo/Chris Kassar, Elk Raven Photography)


Prioritizing comfort is essential for ensuring your furry friend’s well-being. Consider factors such as the bed’s cushioning and support, particularly if your dog is elderly or has joint issues. Look for beds with ample padding to provide a soft and supportive surface for your dog to rest on. Memory foam or therapeutic padding like in the Fur Haven Orthopedic Bed can help alleviate pressure points and relieve achy joints.

Additionally, consider the bed’s height and accessibility, as elderly dogs may find it easier to access beds with lower profiles, reducing the strain on their joints when climbing in and out. For active dogs prone to muscle fatigue or injury, opt for beds with firm support as we see in the Orvis Recovery Zone Couch Dog Bed to help maintain proper alignment during sleep, aiding in recovery and muscle relaxation.


The materials used in the bed also play a crucial role in comfort, so opt for soft and cozy fabrics that your dog will enjoy snuggling into like we found in the Barbour Wax/Cotton Dog Bed.  Common outer materials include durable fabrics like canvas, polyester, or microfiber which are known for strength and easy maintenance.

These materials are used in the  Ruffwear Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag and are often resistant to tearing and scratching, making them ideal for outdoor use or for dogs who are rough on their beds. If your pooch has a destructive streak, you might want to consider beds made from heavy-duty canvas or any form of thick, durable fabric.

best dog beds Barbour dog bed
Talus enjoys snuggling into the cozy cushioning of the donut-shaped Barbour Wax/Cotton Dog Bed; (photo/Kelsey Wellington)

For the inner padding, options range from traditional polyester fiberfill to various types of foam, offering varying levels of support and comfort. Polyester fiberfill is affordable, insulative, lightweight, and washable, although it is not highly durable and may need to be replaced after only a few washes.

It is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for dogs with allergies. While polyester fiberfill offers excellent support for smaller dogs, larger dogs can compress the filling, reducing the amount of support.

Foam beds like the Orvis Recovery Zone Couch Bed can come in many fill types, including memory foam, egg crate foam, and high-density foam. Memory foam contours to your dog’s body, relieving pressure points and providing orthopedic support, which is especially beneficial for senior dogs or those with joint issues.

Egg crate foam has a textured surface resembling an egg carton. This design helps distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points and providing gentle support. High-density foam is known for its durability and resilience, making it suitable for dog beds that endure heavy use or rough play. This type of foam retains its shape over time, ensuring long-lasting support and comfort for your dog.


Durability is a key consideration when selecting a dog bed to ensure it withstands the wear and tear of daily use by our beloved pets. Look for dog beds constructed from high-quality materials known for their strength and resilience like those found in the Backcountry x Petco Bed Seat Cover. Outer covers made of durable fabrics like canvas or polyester last longer. 

Additionally, consider the bed’s stitching and construction, opting for reinforced seams and sturdy zippers that can withstand scratching, digging, and nesting behaviors. Inner padding materials like memory or high-density foam offer excellent durability, maintaining their shape and support over time. Beds with removable, machine-washable covers are also advantageous, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance to prolong the bed’s lifespan.

Indy serves as co-pilot in the comfortable, durable Backcountry x Petco Bed bed that acts as a protective cushion for your car’s seats; (photo/Kelsey Wellington)


The ease of cleaning is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a dog bed, as regular cleaning helps maintain a hygienic sleeping environment for your furry friend. Opt for beds with removable covers that are machine washable and allow for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Additionally, look for beds with water-resistant or stain-resistant materials that can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth for quick spot cleaning. Beds with non-absorbent materials help prevent odors and bacterial growth, ensuring a fresh and clean sleeping surface for your pet.

Consider the bed’s design and construction, choosing models with simple and straightforward assembly to facilitate cleaning. If you plan on bringing your dog bed on your outdoor adventures, consider a bed with a waterproof or water-resistant bottom like the Ruffwear Highlands Dog Pad


If you and your pup lead active lifestyles or frequently travel together, the packability of a dog bed may be something to consider. Look for beds like the HEST Dog Bed and Timberdog Ruffrest Sporty that are lightweight and easy to transport. Travel-specific beds will have collapsible (i.e., a roll-up bed) or foldable designs for compact storage.

These beds will typically have carrying handles or storage bags for added convenience when on the go. Or, if you’re going to cover some serious miles with your pup, you’ll want to check out the Ruffwear Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag, packable and lightweight enough to carry along on backpacking trips. If you do take your dog backpacking or hiking frequently, check out our guide to Best Dog Backpacks for our favorite picks.

The Ruffwear Highlands Dog Bed is the perfect backpacking companion because it packs down quite small into its own stuff sack; (photo/Kelsey Wellington).


Do you want a dog bed that can be used indoors and outdoors? Beds with a waterproof or water-resistant base are suitable for any environment. How about a bed that offers different levels of comfort? Some beds have removable or interchangeable components, such as bolsters or pillows, that provide customizable comfort for your pet.

What about features for travel? Numerous dog beds have handy extras such as travel pouches for all your pup’s gear, removable sleeping bags, rollup buckles and shoulder straps, and leashes. Keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing between the various offerings of different beds to ensure you and your dog get the most out of the one you choose.

best dog beds
Consisting of just two parts, the Ruffwear Mt. Everest Dog Cot can be set up in less than a minute! Its elevated style keeps Indy, pictured here, cool on these sunny spring afternoons; (photo/Kelsey Wellington)


When considering a dog bed, evaluating the balance between budget and value is essential to ensure you’re getting the most for your money. While it’s tempting to opt for the cheapest option available, it’s crucial to prioritize value over price alone.

Look for dog beds like the Fur Haven Orthopedic and the Ruffwear Mt. EverRest Dog Cot that offer a combination of quality materials, durability, and comfort, but are priced competitively and fall within your budget range. Consider the long-term benefits of investing in a higher-quality bed like the HEST Dog Bed that will withstand regular use and provide lasting comfort for your pet.

Additionally, factor in any extra features or benefits, such as waterproof liners, orthopedic support, or machine-washable covers, which can enhance the overall value of the bed. Ultimately, by finding a dog bed that strikes the right balance between affordability and quality, you can ensure that you and your pup are satisfied with your purchase in the long run.

The Fur Haven Orthopedic Dog Bed is an affordable choice that delivers quality and comfort; (photo/Kelsey Wellington).


Why does my dog need a bed?

A dog bed serves a variety of purposes:

  1. It provides your beloved best friend with a designated and comfortable space to rest and sleep.
  2. It offers insulation from the cold, hard ground, whether that is a floor inside your home or the dirt in the great outdoors.
  3. It can help contain shedding and keep dirt and hair off your furniture and carpets, making cleaning easier and maintaining a cleaner home.
  4. It provides your dog with a sense of security and ownership within your home.
  5. If you are someone who does not want your dog on any furniture, a dog bed establishes boundaries, reducing the likelihood of them hopping onto furniture.
How long should a good dog bed last?

The lifespan of a dog bed can vary depending on factors such as the quality of materials, the dog’s size and behavior, and how well the bed is maintained. A good-quality dog bed made from durable materials and sturdy construction can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years or even longer with proper care. However, beds made from cheaper materials or with less robust construction may wear out more quickly, requiring replacement sooner.

Regular cleaning and maintenance, such as washing removable covers, vacuuming, and spot cleaning, can help prolong the lifespan of a dog bed by preventing the buildup of dirt, hair, and odors. Additionally, monitoring your dog’s behavior and addressing any destructive habits promptly can also help extend the longevity of their bed.

How will I know what kind of bed my dog will like?

Understanding your dog’s preferences and behaviors can help you determine the type of bed they will like. Observing your dog’s sleeping habits, such as whether they prefer to curl up or stretch out, can guide your choice of bed shape and size. Additionally, consider their favorite sleeping spots around the house and the surfaces they gravitate towards, such as soft couches or cool tile floors, to inform your decision on bed materials and textures.

Some dogs may prefer beds with bolstered edges for a sense of security, while others may prefer flat, open designs. Introducing your dog to different bed options and observing their reactions can also help you gauge their preferences.

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