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Adventure Race In The City… Recap Of ‘TC Urban Dash’

Run through the city, decipher clues, and complete challenges… that is the gist of the TC Urban Dash, a Minneapolis-based adventure race now in its third year.

IMG_6805GearJunkie and Twin Cities In Motion hosted the unique in-the-city adventure race last weekend, the TC Urban Dash, in Minneapolis on Aug. 8th. Hundreds of racers toed the start line, and at the GO! they scattered into Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood.

The hidden checkpoints and challenges ahead balanced physical activity with strategy and mental skill. 90 minutes later the winners and finishers emerged, sweaty and with ink-stamped manifests to prove their completion of 20+ tasks.


See the gallery below for a look at the event. Congrats to all the racers who crushed it out there on the urban course!

Thanks to sponsors FITSOK, the North Loop Fest, and DRG. Hope to see you next year out there on the city course!