Foot Bones Mirrored With ‘Lugs’ In New Running Shoe

Newton Running’s shoe designs are unique, with four soft “lugs” protruding below the forefoot area where the shoe impacts the ground. The company’s latest iteration, just announced today, adds a fifth lug and brings them more in line with the metatarsal bones of the foot.

Men’s Distance III Speed Trainer

The Gravity III and Motion III Mileage Trainers ($175) and Distance III and Distance S III Speed Trainers ($155) have the new fifth lug, which is Newton’s latest development of its “Action/Reaction forefoot technology.”

The shoes will be available February 15, 2014, at specialty running stores and on Newton Running’s online store. We have’t seen them yet but are intrigued with the design.

(See photos of all new models on page 2 of this post)

The company cites the lugs align with the foot’s five metatarsal bones, thereby delivering more cushioning, greater responsiveness and a broader and more stable base underfoot.

“The fifth lug provides more ‘pop,’ or the dynamic platform that gives Newton Running shoes their unique feel and ride,” says company President Craig Heisner.

The Motion III and Distance S III have a broader base platform in addition to the extra lug.

Newton says the models provide runners with support under the arch without over-controlling the foot’s natural motion.

The shoes have laser-perforated suede overlays on the upper and reflectivity.

The Gravity III and Motion III maintain a 3mm drop from heel to toe, and the Distance III and Distance S III have a 2mm drop.

We look forward to covering some miles in these unique shoes soon.

—Sean McCoy

Sean McCoy

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