Arcade Parkour! Freerunner Pasha Petkuns Pounces Around in ‘Human Pinball’

The boss of freerunning, Pavel ‘Pasha’ Petkuns, takes to the arcade in his latest cinematic feat, ‘The Human Pinball.’

“My dream has come true!” says the multi-time freerunning/parkour world champ as he slides, pings, flips, pounces, and freeruns circles across his gargantuan, big-kid pinball table.

Two relatively hulking dudes independently operate the mechanical flippers, catapulting the cherubic Latvian acrobat back up into the field for more.

What started as a “Dude, you know what would be sick?” idea Petkuns came up with years ago now takes up a veritable amount of real estate in a London hangar. The five-story-tall pinball table sits at a 45-degree angle and clocks in around 50,700 pounds.

After a year of sweat equity, Petkuns and his multi-talented crew have this gem of an entry into sports media cannon to show for it. Notably, the director/creative leader, Mike Christie, was behind Danny MacAskill’s 2013 toy-themed “Imaginate.” You might say he’s got a gift.

Check out the human pinball and then try to have a bad day — I dare ya.

And there’s more where that came from. Get the behind-the-scenes scoop over at Red Bull.

Pasha Petkuns human pinball action shot
Photo/Leo Francis, Red Bull Content Pool
Pasha Petkuns human pinball behind the scenes
Photo/Leo Francis, Red Bull Content Pool
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