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Boston shoe has glow-in-dark stars, Nocturnal motif

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As a part of its Limited Edition line, this week New Balance unveiled a whimsical version of its 890v3 running shoe.

Made in time for this year’s Boston Marathon, the Boston 890v3 has glow-in-the-dark stars on the midsole and a nocturnal motif said to be inspired by Paul Revere and his long-ago middle of the night ride.

Boston 890v3 running shoe with Paul Revere lantern

We got a look first-hand at the Boston 890v3 this week. Although it would be considered a more traditional running shoe in design when compared to NB’s minimalist models, this galactic-looking trainer was still light-feeling and buttery soft in the sole.

Team GearJunkie athlete Kelly Brinkman is running the Boston Marathon this year. As an elite runner, she has a sub-2:50 time goal for the race.

Brinkman put the 890v3 shoes on her feet for a quick test this week. She has not yet put many miles in them but noted “as someone who has had stress-fracture issues in my feet in the past, I prefer to do the majority of my mileage in a more substantial shoe. The Boston 890v3 has that covered without being a heavy or cumbersome model.”

Brinkman added, “The toe box is a bit more narrow than other brands I’ve worn, but it suited my foot shape just fine.”

Boston campaign visual from New Balance (runner is carrying Paul Revere replica lantern)

In total, New Balance will sell three custom shoes to coincide with its Boston Marathon campaign plus hold events during the marathon weekend later this month. The special limited edition versions include the 890v3 (above), the 990v3, and the 574 style.

The 990v3 is made in the USA, a detail Paul Revere would have certainly appreciated.

The shoes cost $115 and up and will be sold online and at Boston-based retailers including the New Balance Boston Experience store, The Tannery, City Sports, and at the John Hancock Sports & Fitness expo during marathon weekend.

—Stephen Regenold

Boston 890v3 model

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