Pro Runner Rickey Gates Explores Apostle Island Ice Caves

Salomon-sponsored trail runner Rickey Gates grew up in Aspen, Colorado and spent several years running the hills around San Francisco – or wherever his motorcycle took him.

So when he and his girlfriend moved to Madison, Wisconsin last year for the start of her grad program, it was a major change of scenery. Gates didn’t have the Rockies, or even Mount Tamalpais, out his back door anymore.

No problem for Gates, who with videographer Joel Wolpert journeyed out onto a frozen Lake Superior last winter to explore the Apostle Islands Ice Caves, generally horse around on the ice and – apparently – hold an accordion concert for themselves, courtesy of Renaissance Man Gates. He seems to be creating his own fun in the Midwest just fine.

Mostly, though, this video makes us want to go out on the ice ourselves and play around like we’re kids again. Let us know if it makes you feel the same way.