Salomon Talks Carbon Footprints of Running Events in Latest TV Series

Episode 4 of Salomon’s Sustainability Series talks about the not-so-obvious carbon footprints that competitive running races have on our planet.

Take a minute and think about the last marathon or ultra race you attended. How sustainable are these events?

Think about the slew of single-use paper cups that tend to litter a course after all the runners pass through. Or maybe, the number of plastic bags used to organize each racer’s entry packet. Or maybe, the transportation advertised or provided to get to an event.

When you think about the details, races can have pretty heavy carbon footprints. And for those of us who like to reduce our impact — but also run and compete — we need to start creating solutions to making race environments better for, well, the environment.

Set in Chamonix, France, Salomon TV host Tim Sweeney chats with Salomon athletes Emelie Forsberg, Leah Evans, Stan Rey, and Salomon sports marketing manager Bruno Laroque about what everyone involved — staff, athletes, and spectators — can do to improve the carbon footprint of in-person events.

Salomon even just released new sustainability commitments designed to reduce the environmental impact of its in-person events, athletes, and ambassadors. Learn more about its efforts in this film or online.

Run time: 12 minutes. Produced by Salomon.

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