Fat Tire’s Celebration of Public Land Continues With Wheeler and Biker

The ‘Finding Common Ground’ series brings people together on public lands to learn about the other’s experience. In this short film, an ORV wheeler meets a mountain biker.

One of the biggest discussion points you’ll hear around public land recreation is the phrase “multiple-use.” Within these multiple-use cases live some strange and often alienating stereotypes.

Fat Tire’s “Finding Common Ground” series takes people from various categories and throws them together in a one-on-one learning scenario. And man, is it beautiful.

In the case of “Wheeler x Biker,” off-roading meets mountain biking. And the results are pretty phenomenal.

Angler and Kayaker Trade Places, Experience Public Waters
Angler and Kayaker Trade Places, Experience Public Waters

The third video in a new series from Fat Tire puts a fly fisherman and a whitewater kayaker together. In an effort to understand each other, they experience the water in new ways. Read more…

Nicole Qualtieri

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