First Look: Saris ‘Glow-In-Dark’ Bike Rack

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It glows in the dark. It also holds your bike. You may have never thought this something you needed, but Saris hopes to change that.

The Solo Glow is a bike rack that looks like any other during the day — but at night it puts off an iridescent green glow.

The rack design is the same as the brand’s Solo Rack model. It’s built to attach to a car’s trunk and hold one bike.

Black Solo rack in daylight (left) and the new Glow Solo

The to-be-released Solo Glow (available in 2 weeks) uses the sun’s rays to charge its phosphorescent material. Charging it in the sun for one hour equals one after-dark glowing hour, according to the company.

Look for the Solo Glow online stating in early April. The limited edition rack will be available for $70.

While the Solo Glow rack design isn’t revolutionary, its luminescent look might be helpful when loading and unloading a bike at night. At the very least, it’ll be a good conversation starter when traveling at night or heading home from a rave.

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