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6 Reasons You Wish You Worked At Clif Bar

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[leadin]At GearJunkie, we’re no strangers to Clif Bar. Whether it’s traditional energy bars, Mojo Bars or Shot Bloks, we go through plenty of Clif product. Personally, I dig Clif for a lot more than just calories.[/leadin]
Clif Bar's headquarters
A look inside Clif Bar & Co. in the Bay Area

I spent a few days out at the company’s Bay Area HQ in early April and came away with six reasons why it’s an incredible place to work.

1) Family-owned

The company was founded by Gary Erickson in 1992, and he and his wife, Kit Crawford, still maintain Clif Bar & Company as a family and employee-owned business despite a $120 million buyout offer in 2000. PowerBar, for comparison, is owned by Swiss transnational Nestlé.

Clif bar mountain biking
Gary Erickson with his father Clif, for whom the company is named
2) Company fundraising support

Each employee can donate 1,000 bars per year, and Clif donates $500 for charitable causes per employee per year.

3) Subsidized sustainable transportation

Clif offers $500 toward commuter bike purchases and retrofits, and $6,500 toward hybrid, electric or biodiesel cars.

Biking to work
Clif Bar employees commuting to work
4) Clif supports athletes

Whether it’s backing pros or throwing its support behind IMBA or races, Clif connects with consumers in a way that continues to build outdoors adventure.

running an Iron Man
Clif Bar-sponsored triathlete Lindsey Corbin
5) On-site fitness

Clif employees have a half-hour of paid workout time per day, with a subsidized chiropractor, physical therapist, acupuncturist and massage specialists all on-site. The Emeryville headquarters also boasts gym facilities that include a 40-foot bouldering wall, yoga studio, spin bikes, weight machines, treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines… You get the point. I’m jealous. There, I said it.

working out at Clif Bar's headquarters
Serious on-site fitness at Clif HQ
6) Feeling great about what your company stands for

Clif believes in being better not by cutting corners and lowering costs, but by treating employees right and incentivizing innovation. The comapny is serious about responsible food sourcing and sustainable agriculture. Since the company was founded, it has purchased more than 425 million pounds of organic ingredients. Currently, 72% of all ingredients used at Clif are organic, and that number is growing.

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