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‘Topless’ Beer Cans With ‘Draft Top’ Opener

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[leadin]We’ve never had much trouble drinking beer out of cans.[/leadin]

Draft Top 1

Actually, we’ve been doing it for years and have yet to fail. However, after watching this video about the new Draft Top device, we may have to reconsider.

According to the makers of the Draft Top, beer in cans normally forces your nose against the metal top, blocking the aroma of beer and adding a bit of metallic scent.

It also makes the top smaller and thus churns beer when poured, resulting in the very common problem of a very thick head. With the top removed, the beer flows smoothly and results in a nice but much less head.

Draft Top 2

Isn’t this just a can opener? Well, no, not really. The device works by displacing four “splitters” outwards to the inside rim of the can. These separate the top from the rim by folding the aluminum into itself. The company claims the resulting edge is not sharp.

Draft Top
Draft Top is able to remove the top of 8oz to 16oz cans, and we’re wondering if it would work on tin cans, too. The world could use an improvement on the old standard can opener.

The idea leads to some clever uses, such as an in-the-can cocktail without the need of extra glasses — one less thing to break or pack while car camping.

It’s even manufactured in the USA.

You can get one on Kickstarter now, but it’s not cheap. $45 will get you one Draft Top Tool with a standard Mahogany cover, one Koozie, and a sticker.

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