Mini Treasure Hunt: Roanoke – Winner

We have a winner! As part of our Mini Treasure Hunt we received hundreds of correct responses and our random winner is Danny Garcia-Velez of St. Paul, MN.

“What a cool contest and prize,” said Garcia-Velez. “I am going to use this on a camping trip over the fourth of July.”

The winning prize in this Treasure Hunt is the Primus Atle BBQ, a portable “gourmet cook system” that has a unique design to allow campers to simultaneously grill on one side while boiling on the other. The stainless steel stove is built for a lifetime of service.

The correct answers for the contest were:


1. What bike trail system is less than five minutes from downtown Roanoke? Mill Mountain Trail

2. What is the largest drainage river in Virginia? The James River

3. In Roanoke, where can you find a rare Red Panda? Mill Mountain Zoo

Please tune in later this week for another Mini Treasure Hunt and be sure to check out our event our summer event, Gear Junkie’s Treasure Hunt: Roanoke.