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RapidPure POD System Designed to Filter, Purify 75 Gallons of Water

RapidPure Purifier and Insulated Bottles on rock
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RapidPure combines filtration with purification in its latest water treatment system.

The brand’s new POD system promises to deliver safe, clean drinking water with less fuss. RapidPure says its new system requires no special steps, can withstand freezes, and delivers a fast flow rate.

By combining water filtration and purification, the brand says its POD (purification on demand) platform effectively treats water for viruses, bacteria, and parasites while removing odors and improving taste. Additionally, the new system should get more life out of the cartridge filter with an updated 75-gallon lifespan.

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Best of Both Worlds

Typically, purifying water can involve a few steps and wait time. The result is clean, safe water that can retain an offputting taste. Filters, on the other hand, can require pushing (or sucking) water through a tight membrane, and they often clog and require flushing.

RapidPure’s new Purifier+ system aims to deliver the function of purification and filtration while minimizing the associated drawbacks. The result should be clean and pathogen-free water that tastes more like tap water.

The new bottle systems let you scoop water, purify it, and drink it without additional steps.

RapidPure claims its water purifiers remove pathogens 100 times smaller than traditional water filters. While the risk of viruses in North American waterways is very minimal, those who travel abroad or hike in remote areas with exposed water may take comfort in this feature.

RapidPure Purifier+ Features

  • Virus protection
  • Faster flow rates
  • Cold-resistant
  • Filters out odors and off-tastes

The new POD platform uses UltraCeram technology to provide protection from 99.99% of harmful viruses, bacteria, parasites, and more.

Without getting too technical, UltraCeram generates an electropositive field that traps negatively charged pathogens and allows clean water to pass through. The brand says the POD cartridge will also remove silt, dirt, heavy metals, chemicals, and microplastics.

In addition, according to the brand, RapidPure’s layer of adsorptive OpenPore technology (natural magnetic attraction) combined with larger pore sizes results in a fast flow rate.

Unlike traditional filters, the POD cartridge is designed to withstand a freeze-thaw cycle without compromising its filtration.

Lastly, the system uses activated carbon, which is meant to remove odors and improve the taste of the water.

RapidPure Purifier+ Products

Purifier+ Insulated Bottle

RapidPure Insulated Bottle in canyon

The Purifier+ Insulated Bottle is designed as a streamlined way to get clean water and keep it cool. To use it, scoop up water and drink. That’s it.

The POD cartridge is made to purify and filter water as you drink without the need to squeeze or backflush. And the double-wall insulated steel bottle should keep water cooler for longer, even on hot days.

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Purifier+ Plastic Bottle

RapidPure Purifier and Plastic Bottle

Like the version above, except in RapidPure’s plastic Tritan bottle, the brand designed this combo as a no-fuss way to deliver purified water. Just fill and drink.

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Purifier+ UltraLight Straw

RapidPure Purifier Straw

For lighter hiking or an emergency backup, the Purifier+ UltraLight Straw is a pocket-size option for those who don’t want to carry a large amount of water. It weighs less than 3 ounces and still protects against viruses, bacteria, and parasites, according to the brand. It has a mouthpiece with a protective cap and a carrying bag.

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Purifier+ Multi-Use System

RapidPure Multi-Use System 1

For carrying and cleaning more water, there’s this 4-Way Multifunctional Purifier. It works with the included collapsible bottle or any 28mm bottle, and the included POD housing lets you create your own gravity system. It can also be used as an inline attachment for a hydration pack.

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9L Gravity Purifier System

person using the RapidPure Gravity filtration system hanging over a body of water.

If you want to filter water for larger groups or longer camping trips, there’s the 9L Gravity System. You can hang it and let gravity filter and purify up to 9 L of water.

RapidPure designed Its cartridge to filter and purify up to 200 gallons of water before you need a replacement.

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Easy-Flowing Water

All of these RapidPure products use the same POD system that offers protection against viruses, bacteria, parasites, and more, according to the brand.

Clean water with no hassle is the name of the game. The Purifier+ line aims to provide an easier process, a fast flow rate, and a longer cartridge lifespan.

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RapidPure Insulated Bottle on river

This article is sponsored by RapidPure. Find out more about its purification products online.

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