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Redd Bar Makes High-Performance Brownie

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It’s a protein bar…and an energy shot…with a multivitamin thrown in.

But, most importantly, it’s a delicious brownie.

There’s a glut of snack and meal replacement bars on the marketplace that take great pains to cram as much nutrition into an edible 3-inch-by-5-inch rectangle as possible. They make high-density nutrition nuggets, but they can’t seem to nail down one of the most important aspects: The Taste.

Until Redd’s Chocolate Brownie.

Based in Brunswick, Maine, Redd’s Chocolate Brownie is an edible list of health food buzzwords: chia, acai, quinoa, maqui, flax, coconut water, pea protein (10 grams), and maca root are among the headliners in the star-studded ingredients label, while yerba mate extract provides 50mg of caffeine (about half a cup of black brewed coffee). A vitamin blend adds 23 vitamins and minerals.

Is it effective? I caught myself moon-walking through the office 20 minutes after eating one. The caffeine definitely works. It’s a hearty bar, so I wouldn’t choose this for a high-intensity race situation, but it’s great for touring days.

But none of the above matters if you won’t eat it. Here’s the good news: It tastes and feels like a chocolate brownie. We demolished our sample box within a few days.

The bar is more dense than the fluffy brownies that mom used to make, but it’s chocolatey without tasting saccharine, while a layer of crisped quinoa adds a satisfying crunch.

The verdict: Redd’s Brownie works both as a pick-me-up in the middle of a work day or as a nutrient-packed trail snack.

$30 for a box of 14 at reddbar.com.

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