Light Boot Offers ‘Natural Motion.’ Our First Look at Asolo Piuma

The Asolo Piuma is a light yet supportive boot for long distance summer hikes and backcountry exploits of all sorts. Heavier than a trail running shoe, the boot still allows the foot to move naturally thanks to a flexible sole and wide toe box. I put this boot through a tough weekend while searching for elk high in the Rocky Mountains. —Sean McCoy

The Gear: Asolo Piuma (available now; $185)

Where To Use It: Summer hiking trips on rugged terrain.

Who’s It For: Light and fast hikers who want the support of a high top boot.

Specs: The suede/nylon mesh upper and Vibram sole create a light but supportive and secure boot. A men’s size 8.5 weighs in at a scant 1 pound per boot. Not waterproof.

Boring But Important: The shoe is designed to allow for the “natural movement” of the foot — this means the sole has flex to let the foot move and the overall design is less constricting than most boots.

First Impressions: On my recent weekend in the mountains, the boots proved to be light, secure and supportive but not at all waterproof. Even walking in heavy dew for a few minutes resulted in damp feet. They did, however, dry very quickly. The soles provide positive traction on varied surfaces.

Our Take: We welcome the concept of natural motion in the boot design world — the soles of these substantial boots feel a lot like heavy trail running shoes with flexibility and traction but not too much stiffness.

Who Should Buy It: Hikers, summer summit-baggers and warm weather hunters who cover a lot of miles and want supportive, light weight footwear for when a low-top trail running shoe is just not enough.

More Beta/Buy Now: Asolo—Piuma

—Sean McCoy is a contributing editor. Our “First Look” column highlights new gear arrivals at Photos © Monopoint Media LLC.

Sean McCoy

Editorial Director Sean McCoy is a life-long outdoorsman who grew up hunting and fishing central Wisconsin forests and lakes. He joined GearJunkie after a 10-year stint as a newspaperman in the Caribbean, where he learned sailing and wooden-boat repair. Based in GearJunkie's Denver office, McCoy is an avid trail runner, camper, hunter, angler, mountain biker, skier, and beer tester.