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Crispi Colorado GTX Boot Review: A Great Early-Season Option for Hunters

Crispi Colorado hunting boot tread(Photo/Josh Kirchner)
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This season, I was fortunate enough to take the new Crispi Colorado GTX for a spin. Here’s my take on this rugged and comfortable boot.

I’ve been searching for the perfect hunting boot for quite a while. And I usually come up short. Some boots are extremely comfortable but lack durability. Others might be very durable but lack comfort. Then, there are the designs that might have all of the above, but they fail in waterproofness.

Of course, on top of all of these qualities, the environment in which we use them is important as well. Are they suited to the places where we take them?

And the fit is crucial. Boots are a very personal thing, as feet come in many different shapes and sizes. It’s imperative that you actually try boots on and test them before bringing them on a rigorous hunting adventure.

I’ve been putting the Crispi Colorado GTX through their paces, and I’m impressed. Could my search for the perfect hunting boot be over?

Overview of Crispi Colorado GTX

Crispi Colorado Boot Review

New for 2019, the Crispi Colorado GTX ($360) is an 8-inch uninsulated, lightweight boot — about 1.7 pounds per shoe. Crispi built it for early-season hunts where support and durability are much appreciated.

This boot is a tweener of sorts, as it melds the upper of the ever-famous Crispi Summit GTX with a polyurethane dual-density midsole. (The Summit had an EVA midsole.) This midsole aids the hunter in comfort while giving a bit more cushion.

This setup pairs with a Vibram sole, and it’s fully wrapped in a GORE-TEX liner, adding both breathability and waterproofing. You’ll also notice that the new Colorado carries Crispi’s Ankle Bone Support System. This makes it a great option for steep terrain and side-hilling.

Overall, I think Crispi targets the vast majority of hunters with the Colorado. But did they succeed?

Crispi Colorado GTX Hunting Boot Review

Over the past 3 months, I’ve put the Crispi Colorado GTX through a multitude of weather conditions and terrains. They’ve been with me from the desert to the high country.

Right out of the box, I put 9 miles on the boot hunting black bear in Arizona’s high desert. Both the tread and the boot performed great in the steep and rocky terrain.

From there, they came along with me to Utah’s high country for a backcountry mule deer hunt. The terrain was steep and rocky, and it was just begging to shine a light on a flaw. About halfway through my 6-mile hike, I did have to stop and apply Leukotape on my heels. No blisters occurred, thankfully.

And after doing so, everything was fine. Going to a slightly stiffer boot like the Colorado, I expected that I’d have to do this. They were good for the rest of the hunt.

Crispi Colorado Boot Review

All in all, I packed out two black bears and a mule deer with these boots in various weather conditions, including rain and hail. I didn’t experience any slipping in wet and rocky conditions, and the tread worked from the desert to the high country above 11,000 feet.

Over the past 3 months, I’ve put well over 100 miles of hiking on them. Steep country and heavy packs are great ways to see if a boot has what it takes. In my opinion, the Colorado indeed does. And although these are uninsulated, I wouldn’t have a problem wearing them down into the teens with a change of heavier socks.

Everything comes at a price, though — that’s the biggest downside of the Colorado. Like other high-end hunting boots, they don’t come cheap at $360.

On that note, I’d recommend buying an aftermarket insole. This really makes the boot shine. Sadly, the insole that comes with the boot isn’t anything to brag about. Another slight downside for me was having to apply Leukotape to prevent blisters on my heel during my hunt.


  • Great support
  • Comfortable — you can really feel that dual-density midsole in action
  • Durable — water-repellent suede, high-resistance CORDURA with Kevlar triple-stitching, and polyurethane-coated leather rand
  • Minimal break-in period — mine took about 10 miles


  • Price tag — ouch!
  • Have to buy aftermarket insole — I enjoy the Performance Thick from Sole
  • May need to protect from blisters with Leukotape depending on fit

Final Thoughts

Crispi Colorado Boot Review

Through my testing, it’s been a pleasure wearing this boot. I believe it was instrumental in my level of comfort on those steep and rocky hunts. And when it came time to dig the sides of the boot into the mountain for better footing, the Colorado was much appreciated.

I’ve been struggling to find the perfect boot for quite a while now. Although I don’t think I’ll ever stop fighting that good fight, I’ll rest for now with the Crispi Colorado GTX.

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