Vibram’s Sole Factor Tour Gives Your Shoes A Second Chance

Vibram wants to resole your boots. And it’ll do so for free at nearly 20 REI stores across the U.S.

The 2017 Vibram Sole Factor Tour is currently visiting REI stores around the country. From Washington to Florida, a 38-foot, cobbler-carrying RV will come to your shoe’s aid.

We first reported on the project in May, where we toured the rig at a stop in Portland, Ore. Now, the tricked-out RV will head to REI stores across the country.

Check out the Sole Factor site to see if the mobile cobbler repair shop and outsole showroom will be near you.

Vibram sole factor tour shoe repair
Cobblers sand down the edges and cut back the existing sole

Vibram Sole Factor: Free Shoe Upgrades

Vibram’s cobblers will examine your shoes and upgrade them with any Vibram sole of your choice. Bring in any pair, it doesn’t matter what type.

Vibram’s Sole factor will repair customers’ first pair of shoes for free with a requested $20 donation to Big City Mountaineers. We expect the tour to be a hit; these cobblers are rare modern day shoe heroes who can bring beloved footwear back to life.

The tour features the original, decades-old Vibram Carrarmato lug design in blue rubber. It’s an effort to bring awareness to Big City Mountaineers.

Beyond resoling, customers can test out Vibram Megagrip, touted for its grip on wet and dry surfaces.

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REI Tour

The Cobbler adventure began at the REI in Seattle, Wash., on June 20. From there, it headed through Oregon, down to California, and then to Utah, and Colorado.

The tour eventually traverses Nevada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Florida.

Vibram sole factor tour shoe repair

If you’re unable to make it to a stop, head to Vibram’s site and select a sole online. Then send in your shoes and get them back, upgraded, in two to four weeks.

Or swing by and see them in person. The rig is rad! The tour ends in Florida on Dec. 1, 2017.