Tiny ‘Everyday Carry’ Tools Clip to Zipper pulls, Keychains

They cost $14 a pop. A small loop of cord and a quick-release buckle make them work as a keychain or zipper pulls on a backpack.

Gerber Daily Carry line tiny knife
Stubby, 3/4-inch blade on GDC tool

The Gerber Daily Carry line, “GDC” for short, comes to market next month. The four tiny tools listed below, each with unique functionality, will ship to stores with the first GDC run.

In all, the models include the Zip Blade, the Zip Driver, the Zip Hex, and the Zip Light

Gerber everyday carry tiny tools
GDC line

Review: Gerber Daily Carry Tools

We got a couple of the Gerber tools in the GearJunkie office to try. The tools are small in the hand. For common tasks — slicing open a box, tightening a seat post bolt on a bike — they come in handy.

Made of aluminum and steel, each one weighs 1 ounce or less. They are 1.5 to 2 inches long.

The little knife on the Zip Blade swings open on a pivot. It locks in place for careful work with a stubby blade.

Gerber everyday carry blade
Blade in hand

The Zip Light model has an L.E.D. flashlight on the end. It’s bright enough to read by or, in a pinch, even hike at night on an easy trail.

But don’t expect the GDC products to replace your regular multitool or Swiss Army Knife. They are not meant for wilderness tasks.

As take-anywhere tools, however, the Gerber line is a fun and useful addition to the expanding category of “everyday carry” equipment.

Stephen Regenold

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