‘Dirtbag’ Training Session? How to Merge Climbing and Fitness at Home

One climber is determined to make climbing at home easier with this minimal-equipment lattice training program.

We all know the feeling when we walk up to our gym, ready to tackle some goals, only to find that it’s closed for repairs or holidays. This U.K. climber took matters into his own hands to create and execute a full climbing workout that can be done without a gym. (You will need a few props, though.)

In the video, climber Matt Groom talks us through how to do lattice training — at home, at the office, or wherever you can find a hangboard. The lattice program consists of endurance, power, and mobility exercises to get you in tip-top climbing shape.

Gloom’s casual tutorial video gives us a glimpse at a series of max strength and finger strength exercises. Although his home office is decked out more than most, the sentiment is clear: When your gym closes, make do.

And if you have access to equipment like free weights or a hangboard, even better.

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