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Our Favorite Home Gyms and Athlete Workouts on Instagram

Ultrarunner Rob Krar
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If you’ve been searching for better ways to get in a workout at home, you aren’t alone.

Since restrictions on travel were implemented due to coronavirus, more and more of us have been staying home. (Studies show that anywhere from 40-70% of the U.S. population is either staying at home or under quarantine.) And no matter our individual situations, we’ve all had to rethink what it means to exercise in the age of COVID-19.

Whether your routine includes a Peloton or a couple of free weights and a yoga mat, finding time and space for workouts is important. And that means taking inspiration from athletes, each other, and yes, the internet, to expand our at-home workout routines.

Here are some of our favorite athletes’ home gym setups, home gym routines, and more.

Sasha DiGiulian, Professional Climber

Sasha DiGiulian was the first American woman to climb grade 9a and is a three-time U.S. National Champion. So it’s no surprise that even during quarantine, she found a way to climb and train.

DiGiulian’s home gym includes a climbing wall, a tread wall, and more. And to share some tips and tricks, she’s been hosting exercises on her Instagram live during the quarantine.

Home gym essentials: a tread wall, a hangboard, and a designated training area.

Rob Krar, Ultrarunner

When you’re used to running hundreds of miles, being stuck at home is tough. But ultrarunner Rob Krar has embraced the quarantine workout movement by focusing on strength and conditioning as well as sharing his time-lapsed workouts (and workout programs) with others.

Home gym essentials: a yoga mat, your own body weight, and a quarantine fitness partner if you have one!

Nina Williams, Professional Climber

Nina Williams does it all. Besides climbing professionally, she is currently a college student, is working as a coach, and is a self-proclaimed quarantine baker.

She’s been posting frequently during quarantine, sharing unique ways climbers can stay in shape without a home rock wall or gym. Some of our favorite exercises include her ring circuits and The Stick Traverse.

Home gym essentials: parallettes, rings, and your own body weight.

Sunny Stroeer running

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Caroline Gleich, Ski Mountaineer

Gleich — who pushes for equality for women in the outdoor industry — has also been pushing full steam ahead with her at-home workouts. She’s done everything from 100km rides on her indoor trainer to socially distant solo runs.

The post below had us smiling due to the sheer creativity of her socially distanced adventure. We’re guessing it was a whole lot of altitude. If you live in a state with relaxed stay-at-home orders, look for new — and local — ways to get outside.

Home gym essentials: a good attitude and running shoes, a bike, or skis.

Eric Tozer, Ultramarathoner

In 2019, Eric Tozer became one of the few athletes in the world to take on the World Marathon Challenge — which is the insane task of running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 consecutive days. He came in seventh.

Since quarantine, he’s been running laps around his neighborhood instead of across the world. (Running in circles around your block or city may not be your go-to adventure, but for many of us in quarantine, it does the job of keeping us active and sane.) Check out his page for inspiration for your own running routine.

Home workout essentials: a pair of running shoes and a set goal.

Seychelle Webster, Standup Paddleboarder

Even if you’re landlocked (and aren’t a paddleboarder), this SUP athlete’s workouts are great. Seychelle Webster teaches everything from endurance exercises to slacklining and paddle stances to yoga, all over Zoom and Instagram. And if you do paddleboard, check out her weekly “SUP hacks” on Instagram as well.

Home gym essentials: bands, free weights, and a paddle if you want to practice your SUP form.

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