michael miraglia’s one-man strongman marathon

Could You Do the ‘Strongman Marathon’? 26.2 Miles of Tire Flips, Burpees, Handstands, and More

Ten Thousand Athlete Michael Miraglia just completed a CrossFit-style feat-of-strength marathon that hurts to even think about.

If a mile of burpee broad jumps, another mile of flipping a 250-pound tire, and 24.2 additional miles of other CrossFit exercises sounds appealing, perhaps you’ll be the next contender in Michael Miraglia’s one-man Strongman Marathon.

The endurance event, which Miraglia dreamed up, is made up of 26 movements, each performed for a mile. So that’s a mile of burpees, a mile of tire flips, a mile of sled pulls, and more total insanity. The 29-year-old native of San Diego, Calif., completed the challenge in 9 hours, 18 minutes, and 33 seconds on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats.

michael miraglia’s one-man strongman marathon

Ten Thousand ‘Feats Of Strength’ Series

“This Strongman Marathon is something that no one has ever achieved or even thought of doing,” Miraglia said. “I just wanted to try something that was so out-of-the-box outrageous that as soon as someone hears about it, they’re sure it can’t be done.”

Miraglia’s Strongman Marathon attempt was sponsored by the New York-based men’s activewear brand Ten Thousand. It was part of the company’s Feats Of Strength series, a first-of-its-kind editorial series in which a different athlete will attempt a new record-breaking feat every month in 2021.

michael miraglia’s one-man strongman marathon

“With the Feats Of Strength series, we’re documenting our athletes as they create and conquer some of the most intense fitness challenges ever attempted,” said Ten Thousand co-founder Keith Nowak. “And Michael is setting a very, very high bar with this first feat. No one has ever tried anything like this before. But Michael believed he could do it, and he has.”

Michael Miraglia: Strongman Marathon

“This is my creative outlet,” Miraglia said. “I’m not a painter. I’m not an artist. This is how I express myself. I hope I inspire people, even if they just want to try one mile. If it inspires anyone to do anything at all, that’s a win for me.”

michael miraglia’s one-man strongman marathon

Michael Miraglia’s Challenge by Mile

  • Mile 1: Vest Run (20 lbs.)
  • Mile 2: Burpee Broad Jump
  • Mile 3: Vest Run (20 lbs.)
  • Mile 4: Dummy Fireman Carry (120 lbs.)
  • Mile 5: Vest Run (20 lbs.)
  • Mile 6: Handstand Walk
  • Mile 7: Vest Run (20 lbs.)
  • Mile 8: Sled Push (200 lbs.)
  • Mile 9: Vest Run (20 lbs.)
  • Mile 10: Sled Drag (200 lbs.)
  • Mile 11: Vest Run (20 lbs.)
  • Mile 12: Dummy Fireman Carry #2 (150 lbs.)
  • Mile 13: Vest Run (20 lbs.)
  • Mile 14: Sandbag Carry (200 lbs.)
  • Mile 15: Vest Run (20 lbs.)
  • Mile 16: Tire Flip (250 lbs.)
  • Mile 17: Vest Run (20 lbs.)
  • Mile 18: Yoke Carry (300 lbs.)
  • Mile 19: Vest Run (20 lbs.)
  • Mile 20: DB Farmer Carry 35’s
  • Mile 21: Vest Run (20lbs)
  • Mile 22: Kettlebell Toss
  • Mile 23: Vest Run (20 lbs.)
  • Mile 24: Lunges
  • Mile 25: Vest Run (20 lbs.)
  • Mile 26: Dummy Fireman Carry #3 (200 lbs.)
  • Mile 26.2: Vest Run (20 lbs.)

michael miraglia’s one-man strongman marathon

What’s the Future of This Marathon?

Will we see this new ultra-endurance event in the next CrossFit Games? Doubtful. Will someone else attempt Miraglia’s sufferfest on steroids? We’ll put our money on yes.

“Be a little more cognizant about what you write down on paper and say you can do — because that was f*cking hell,” Miraglia said when he finished.

michael miraglia’s one-man strongman marathon

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