Lenses, Up-the-Face Zipper distinguishes Winter Coat

At least the pom-pom is detachable. That’s in case you don’t want to look weird. The hood? Well, bank robberies will be a cinch.

Luxury-goods purveyor Luisaviaroma.com sells this “technical” winter puffy for $424. As you can see, the hood zips shut over the face. Built-in lenses offer a pseudo-goggle at the ready whenever the wind picks up.

Hood zips over the face to prop hard goggle lenses into view

A description of the jacket notes that the pom-pom is detachable. The hood is permanently affixed, its polycarbonate lenses resting awkwardly like scales on your shoulders when folded back.

The puffy shell, distributed by Comei & Co of Italy, is called the Matt Nylon Hooded Jacket on Luisaviaroma. Its brand is Ai Riders On the Storm, a startup with multiple lens-equipped jacket models.

Built-in optics

The company offers replaceable lenses in several shades. Further description notes the hood, nose, and ear areas have “air holes.” This is ostensibly so you don’t suffocate in your own coat.

To us, the hood/mask styling looks perhaps more a fit for a Flaming Lips concert than a ski hill. Maybe there’s a market with international jewel thieves, too.

Down puffy coat looks pretty nice from the hood down

Jokes aside, this is one weird piece. We have not tested it, so we’re only making observations from afar. And far away we plan to stay.

—Stephen Regenold

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