AG Russell Light'n Bug Review

First Look: AG Russell Light’n Bug Review

A scaled carbon handle with a folding blade that weighs less than an ounce, the AG Russell Light’n Bug has many attributes of a great EDC knife, but minimalist weight and form.

AG Russell Light'n Bug Review

Everyday-carry knives can be packed with a variety of functions in an endless array of designs. But sometimes less is more. Meet the AG Russell Light’n Bug foldable EDC.

We took a first look at this flyweight foldable to see if it’s worth a buy, or if you’re better off skipping it.

Light’n Bug At A Glance

This is a small, gentleman’s folder that locks via a liner lock and opens with a thumb stud. It is made in China and has a coated 2.5″ blade of 8Cr13MoV steel and contoured carbon fiber handle scales.

A single blue anodized titanium liner also serves as the lock. The blue anodized pocket clip has a single position: tip down, right-handed carry. The thumb stud and screws are anodized gold.

The entire knife weighs less than 1 ounce and is available exclusively from AG Russell. It costs $75 plus shipping.

AG Russell Light'n Bug Review
Light’n Bug and the amazing, and equally compact, MBI HF-R Flashlight

A.G. Russel Light’n Bug

There is a stigma associated with both Chinese-made knives and 8Cr13MoV. The dislike of Chinese-made knives is abating as high-end brands like Kizer and Reate consistently produce blades that rival the best production knives made in the USA.

But the disdain for 8Cr13MoV remains. Most knife knuts view it as the bottom of the steel heap . However the reality is, when done well as it is here, 8Cr is actually not that different from AUS-8.

AG Russell Light'n Bug Review

And so it is with a lot of the features of the Light’n Bug. The black titanium coating isn’t Earth-shattering, but here is sturdy and helps cover up 8Cr steel’s poorer-than-average resistance to corrosion. In addition, folks would undoubtedly like a swappable pocket clip, but the position and shape of this clip helps with purchase on the tiny handle.

But these possibly negative attributes are overshadowed by one fact: AG Russell really knows how to design a knife.

This model is full of perfect design choices. There’s a lot of blade for the handle and weight. It has a snappy and fast pivot. The thin blade slices beautifully. There is even a true sharpening choil and no exposed rear tang.

AG Russell Light'n Bug Review
The same pair with an Edison Pearlette Fountain Pen and an A-Slim Yaiba Wallet

If you are looking for a small EDC, a gentleman’s knife to go with a suit, or a knife for ultralight hiking, you’d be hard-pressed to find something better (and better looking) than the Light’n Bug for the price. It feels like a much more expensive blade and despite some lesser materials it performs very well.

In my opinion, this is one you want: Buy it here.