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Knife Expert’s Picks: Best New Blades Coming This Month

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Three very different knife brands released three sweet knives this month. These are the knives we’re excited about for November 2019.

Are you stoked for new knife releases? We sure are, and the breadth of the knife industry gives diverse new choices this month. These knives come from three sources that are shaping the production world — hipster brands, microbrands, and the old stalwarts.

Check out three of our favorite new knives coming out this month.

The James Brand Duval: Available Now, $275

The James Brand Duval knife

The Duval follows the well-trod path made by its popular Chapter knife: clean lines, design-first aesthetic, and a laser focus on EDC. The Duval is a front flipper, the latest flavor of the month deployment method — one I really like — and it sports wood overlays.

The blade itself is a 2.6-inch wafer of S35V. It’s a Wharncliffe blade shape, and the knife locks with a titanium framelock.

These new boutique brands require a cautious approach. But after years with two different Chapter knives and a few other slicers from The James Brand, this trendy brand earns its salt.

The James Brand knows how to make knives, and its knives look like no one else’s. If you like the look of the Duval, have no hesitation. The knives are good when coming from the house of James.

TRM Nerd: Available Soon, $209 or Less

Three Rivers Manufacturing Nerd knife

Years spent as a stateside OEM have helped Three Rivers Manufacturing hone its skills to absolute perfection. Its collaboration and working relationship with premiere custom maker R.J. Martin don’t hurt either.

The Neutron is one of the best blades available, and the Atom, its bigger brother, is equally good. TRM simply kills every release every time, which is why it has such long waitlists.

I don’t anticipate anything different for the Nerd. This is its first compact blade in a while, and it looks killer. The knife has a 2.2-inch blade of 20CV. It also sports a nice clip-point blade and a forward finger choil. Its stamped titanium clip, a smaller version of the Atom’s clip, is time-tested.

The knife will have three different sculpted handle materials: marbled carbon fiber, G10, and Dymondwood. All of this goodness weighs in at a staggeringly small 1.65 ounces.

Spyderco Siren: Coming Soon, $156

Spyderco Siren knife

LC200 N (aka Z-Finit) is groundbreaking steel for the knife industry. Originally developed in the 1960s for NASA (like pretty much all amazing tech), it’s hard, tough, and virtually stainproof. It’s ideal general-use steel.

But until recently, it was only available on expensive custom knives. Then, Spyderco put it on the strange Spyderco Tusk, the Spydiechef, the Caribbean, and the Native 5.

But if you were craving an LC200 N knife with normal handle scales, you were out of luck (titanium and yellow only). Now with the backlock Siren, you can get a normal-looking knife with LC200 N.

This is a very straightforward, larger knife with a blade length around 3.5 inches and an over-the-top wire clip.

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