Deejo Customizable Blade Is the Perfect Last-Minute Gift

Looking for an affordable, last-minute gift that you can customize for friends and family? A Deejo everyday carry is a slick, pocket-size surprise for the holidays — or any time of year.

Deejo is the brainchild of two knife guys who liked the idea of having a utilitarian blade on them at all times. But neither liked the extra weight or generic look of EDC knives they’d tried. The duo wanted something simple to handle yet fully customizable to reflect their personalities. That meant making a knife you could design online.


Much like a watch you put on every morning, a Deejo pocket knife is personal. You can etch it with metal designs and change the handle colors and wood grains to match your individual style. With countless combinations of materials, we promise there’s a Deejo for every knife junkie on your list.

Deejo Is Different: Custom Knife Collections

To make it easier to find your style, Deejo sorts by collections: Deejo wood natural, Deejo wood colors, Deejo composite, Deejo naked, Deejo black, etc.

Each comes with or without “tattoos,” Deejo designs etched in the custom titanium or mirror blade. And the name is fitting: They look like the classic hand drawings you find on skin.


With different finishes, blade tattoos, weights, and wood grains on the handle, there are thousands of combinations. Deejos currently come in three sizes, three steel finishes, five wood species, three beech wood colors or a carbon fiber plate, and your choice of more than 70 tattoos.

Designs in the Art Deco, Blossom, Toile de Jouy, and Geometry collections range from outdoor motifs to retro looks to hobbies like biking or music. You can even engrave a name or any message that’s meaningful on the handle. Or you can keep it super sleek with the classic “naked” look.


Either way, a Deejo is a statement accessory that looks good and works when you need it, whether it’s for edging open a box during the holidays or cutting stuff on a campout. Plus, every knife design can be built with a few clicks online and ordered to your door.

But Does a Deejo Pocket Knife Function?

Sure, these one-of-a-kind cutters look stylish and sit light on the hip. But you might be wondering if they actually get the job done when the need arises. And the answer is yes. We’ve tested the Deejo everyday-carry blade for the basics, and it delivers. In fact, once you get used to having an ultralight pocketknife around, it’s amazing how many uses you can find for it.

These sleek, lightweight, single-fold blades fit in the pocket of your jeans, a commuter bag or backpack, and even slide in a suit pocket. So you can use a Deejo at home, outdoors, or the office. And that opens up a surprising range of possibilities, from slicing to notching.


Whether you carry a decrepit pocketknife from your scout days or don’t know yet what you’re missing, a Deejo is a nice way to upgrade for the holidays. Giving an heirloom gift that makes a mark on its owner — even if it’s you — is a good feeling.

Like a treasured tattoo, a custom carry that you can keep with you is a thing of beauty. Like Deejo’s French founders have always said, a “Deejo becomes unique, more beautiful, a personal object, a part of us … one that carries on its blade, the mark of its owner.”

This article is sponsored by Deejo. Start customizing your knife today.