Custom Knife on a Budget? Check Out Gerber’s New Online Shop

Gerber’s new knife customization interface allows you to build out a blade with the touch of a button.

Portland-based Gerber Gear just announced a long-awaited feature to its online shop: a knife-customizing interface. Gerber Custom is an easy-to-use online shop that lets users choose from four different Gerber knives with dozens of customizable options, on everything from handle to clip to blade.

The four knife options currently available to customize are the Gerber Fastball, StrongArm, Sharkbelly, and US-1. This gives customers both folding and fixed-blade options. And the best part? You can make a custom knife for as little as $31.

True custom knives — made by knifemakers for the individual — cost from several hundred to even thousands of dollars. But this gives consumers another way to express individuality on a modest budget.

“At Gerber, we know better than anyone that pocket knives are personal. Gerber Custom empowers users to take part in the creation process, [giving] our best-selling knives a unique aesthetic,” said Todd Bischoff, creative director at Gerber.

Gerber Custom options
A few examples of customizable knife features from the Gerber Custom shop

Gerber Custom Choices

Customization can range from a choice in handle color to details like military insignia engravings and material upgrades. Including custom engravings, there are over 50,000 possibilities for customization. And customers can add text engravings too.

But first, choose the blade that works with your budget. The base prices are $21 for the Gerber US-1, $34 for the Sharkbelly, $70 for the StrongArm, and $110 for the Fastball. Customization add-ons are $5 and up.

“A person’s daily-carry knife is nearly part of their identity — it says something about them,” said Karrson Koivisto, product manager at Gerber. “A knife’s design is foundational, but having the capacity to select how every component looks — that takes great products to the next level.”

You can check out all of Gerber’s custom options and design your own knife here. All of Gerber’s customized and personalized knives are made, assembled, and engraved at the brand headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

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