Gerber Launches ‘Reserve’ Program for Small-Batch Knives

Gerber launched the Gerber Reserve Program this month. It gives consumers a line of premium, American-made products available only online.

When it comes to knives and tools, Gerber is a big player in the industry. But the brand also wants consumers to consider it when going the more exclusive route. Earlier in 2020, Gerber even launched a custom shop to give knife fanatics more options for one-of-a-kind blades. Now, it’s taking the “exclusive” idea a step further. Enter Gerber Reserve.

The brand builds this new line exclusively in Portland. Made in small batches and sold directly to consumers, it uses “premium-grade materials” to set them apart.

What does that mean? Well, let’s take a look at the Reserve Program’s first two products: the Terracraft and Sedulo.

Gerber Reserve Terracraft

15736_Gerber Gear

The Terracraft ($150), which hit the market in late October, is a full-size fixed-blade knife. Gerber designed it to handle “all safety, security, and survival situations the outdoors may throw your way.” With full-tang construction and an extra-thick S30V blade, this knife should take abuse while maintaining an edge.

Completing the Terracraft are ramped G-10 handle scales, a 90-degree fire-striking edge, and a premium American-made leather sheath.

Gerber Reserve Sedulo


The second product in the Reserve Program is the Sedulo, a new pocket folding knife for everyday utility enthusiasts.

Built with the knife connoisseur in mind, the Sedulo has an S30V steel blade with a plain edge and full-panel grind, making this pocket folder a worthy daily driver. When not in use, the Sedulo slips out of sight with a deep-carry pocket clip.

The Sedulo will be available for preorder on November 12, 2020.

Each release in the Reserve Program will be a single product. Consumers can also customize them in the Gerber Custom Shop, allowing collectors and enthusiasts to leave their personal design on the product.

“The new products coming out in the Gerber Reserve Program set themselves apart with American-made craftsmanship, premium materials, and top-quality construction,” said Seth Jaramus, Gerber industrial design manager. “These knives will blur the lines between utility use and the gentleman collector looking for the best everyday-carry option.”

Learn more about the Gerber Reserve Program here.

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