Axes & Plaid: Gift Guide For A Burly Man

“He is bar-hopping, but he looks like he could fell a Norway Pine…” By now you’ve perhaps seen our viral hit and accidental contribution to fashion and culture, “The Rise Of The Lumbersexual. You may even know and love someone who fits the term. For these flanneled and whiskered men we offer a gift guide of knives, axes, and (of course) beard oil included in the mix.

Stormy Kromer Mackinaw Coat ($280) — This is Paul Bunyan’s jacket, only smaller. With more than 100 years of Made-in-the-USA heritage, Stormy Kromer’s wool coat protects from the elements in classic form. More Info/Buy Now

686 Original Toolbelt ($45) — Made for snowboarders but awesome for everyone, this belt has integrated phillips and flat screwdrivers, 8, 10 and 11mm wrench loop, and a bottle opener. I got one as a gift from my (then) girlfriend two years ago. She’s now my wife. Go figure. More Info/Buy Now

Mountain Hardwear Trekkin Flannel ($75) — What’s a Lumbersexual without his flannel? This one is soft to the touch but made with moisture wicking polyester for great outdoors functionality. More Info/Buy Now

Best Made Co. Axe ($85-$300) — What says “Lumbersexual” more than an axe designed in New York City? If you’re going to hack down a tree on your three day weekend, this is a perfect tool for the job. These look cool and most models are made in the USA. Several Best Made models are available, but we think the Bobby McGee looks rad.
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Fiskars 7884 X27 Super Splitting Axe ($55) — Want an axe that’s a lot less show and a lot more go? If you’re going to split a cord of wood, this is the axe you want.
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Bison Wool Socks ($32) — What, bison wool? Yeah, you had me at bison wool. We tested them, and they’re warm, soft and luxurious. Plus, they are made and sourced in the USA by United By Blue. More Info/Buy Now

Julbo Vermont Sunglasses ($130) — A classic of mountaineering, the Vermont is Julbo’s best-selling model. Retro, funky and very functional. MetroJack to the core.
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Buck 110 Classic Folding Hunter Knife ($44.95) — Even the metrojack has a need to open letters, whittle branches and maybe gut a fish. This 420HC, made-in-USA blade has been doing all that and more since 1963. More Info/Buy Now

Redwing 875 Work Boots ($260) — These are high quality boots made in Redwing, Minnesota. The style may be Lumbersexual, but this stylish and classic footwear will be appreciated by most any man. More Info/Buy Now

Wigwam Socks — Complete the lumbersexual look under your nostalgic boots with socks that look the part from another era. The made-in-Wisconsin El Pine and Merino Silk Hiker from Wigwam ($16 and $22 respectively) fit the bill. More Info/Buy Now

trew base layer

Trew Lightweight Nuyarn Merino Bottom ($100) — Lumbersexuals get cold, too! We’ve been testing Trew’s Nuyarn apparel and it’s soft and warm. We’re not sure if it lives up to the brand’s “dries five times faster than merino” statement, but it’s definitely nice, soft, warm merino that’s beautifully made.
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Carhartt Double-Front Work Dungaree ($54.99) — Lots of companies market a lifestyle or look, but none is more real than Carhartt. I bought my first pair at 19 to work a landscaping job and beat them hard for two summers, plus dozens of winter ice climbs. Nearly 20 years later, they are still kicking around my dad’s closet. More Info/Buy Now

Beard Oil ($40) — Made to moisturize the skin under a beard and keep your whiskers well-groomed, Beard Oil prevents from “beardruff” and itch. Bonus: It leaves your beard with a touted “masculine scent.” More Info/Buy Now

Hydro Flask Insulated Coffee Mug ($25.99) — Hot coffee is best served hot, but when he’s distracted from his drink while working at The Nerdery, it won’t cool in this vacuum-insulated mug. We’ve tested them, and they work great! More Info/Buy Now

Leatherman Wave ($100) This is by far the most popular Leatherman multi-tool, a must-have item for every outdoorsman. It even comes in handy at home, where the screwdrivers, pliers, and bottle opener will be useful time and again. More Info/Buy Now

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Inexpensive and indestructible, this cast iron skillet is perfect to toss in a truck for car camping and shore lunches, then bringing to the kitchen for a perfectly seared steak or home fries. More Info/Buy Now

Sean McCoy

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