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Magnetic Pocket Knife: Leatherman Expands ‘FREE’ Line

Leatherman hopes to repeat the success its ‘FREE’ technology brought to the iconic pliers-based multi-tool — now in pocket knives.

Smoother action, more durability, and no more busted fingernails — Leatherman introduces magnetic FREE folding knives.

The T Series (launching this month) and K Series (launching in August) add “first-of-its-kind” functionality that helped reinvent Leatherman’s iconic multi-tool earlier this year.

Both utilize the same magnet-based architecture that brought one-handed opening to the P-Series. Now with a folding knife as the centerpiece, the K- and T-Series focus more on the ease of accessing implements, along with the tool’s increased longevity. Accordingly, users engage the tools by rolling the thumb over the implement, rather than picking at it with a fingernail.

Leatherman FREE series multi-tools knives

Additionally, due to magnets replacing springs, the FREE series claims it well outlasts the brand’s typical “torture test” standards.

Leatherman FREE T-Series

The first iteration of Leatherman’s FREE pocket knives, the T2 and T4, launch this month. They stand as the brand’s “most compact offering” in the FREE series.

Leatherman FREE T-Series

Both center around a 2.2-inch 420HC blade and measure 3.6 inches closed. The T2 offers 8 tools, including awl, bottle opener, pry tool, package opener, Phillips driver, and medium and “extra-small” flathead drivers.

Meanwhile, the 12-function T4 sports all the T2 tools, plus tweezers, wood and metal file, small flathead driver, and spring-action scissors.

The 3.2-ounce T2 will retail for $40, while the 4.3-ounce T4 is $60.

Leatherman Free knife in table
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Leatherman FREE K-Series

The K-Series hits the retail market in August. This burlier line of folders come in four iterations: K2, K2X, K4, and K4X — the “X” denotes a combo-serrated knife in place of a plain blade. All blades in the series measure 3.3 inches.

Leatherman FREE K2 folding pocket knife

The 8-function K2 and K2X feature a 420HC steel blade, pry tool, package opener, awl, bottle opener, Phillips driver, and medium and extra-small flathead drivers. The K2 line weighs 4.9 ounces and will retail for $80.

As for the K4 and K4X, they have everything the K2 and K2X has, plus spring-action scissors. It weighs 5.5 ounces and will cost $90.

We look forward to testing the complete FREE line this summer. If it handles like the P2 Free we just reviewed, it should prove to be a valuable addition to the Leatherman family.

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