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Micro Knife, Macro Value: Olitans T017 Review

It's not perfect, but for under $50, the Olitans T017 packs a lot into its diminutive frame.

OLITANS-T017-Mini-Pocket-Knife(Photo/Anthony Sculimbrene)
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Years ago, before you could find a million cheap knives on Amazon and Ali Baba, San Ren Mu maker of some of the cheapest knives available — produced a very small, very well-designed knife called 605. Reddit, forum boards, and YouTubers lamented the poor steel (8Cr13MoV) but loved the design and snappy action. It cost around $6 at the time.

For years, nothing really filled the slot it left: a tiny, well-designed, uber-cheap folder. The Olitans T017 looks to fill that slot.

Given the size and cost, this makes an excellent knife to tuck into a survival kit, ultralight backpacking setup, or the coin pocket of a pair of jeans. It won’t split wood or cut an apple, but it will tackle packages and boxes with ease and make nice shavings to start a fire.

In short: Olitans T017 is a supremely cheap, micro-sized knife with good steel and a good detent. Only spotty fit and finish hold it back, but for the price, it’s probably worth it.

Olitans T017 Mini Pocket Knife


  • Steel M390
  • Grind High Flat Grind
  • Lock Framelock
  • Blade Length 2.2"
  • OAL 5.04"
  • Weight 1.17 oz.
  • Country of Origin China


  • Super tiny
  • Great steel for the price
  • Surprisingly good in hand for the size


  • Wobbly pivot

Olitans T017 Mini Pocket Knife Review


Olitans T017 Mini Pocket Knife Review
(Photo/Anthony Sculimbrene)

The T017 is an ultra-compact folder that is small enough to drop in the coin pocket on a pair of jeans or live on a keychain. But its powder steel blade gives it serious edge retention and cutting power.

The knife is a framelock, and the blade deploys via a thumb stud. Because of the size of the knife, there is no clip.

Given the price, the steel is pretty remarkable. I have no reason to doubt the assertion that this is actual M390, though I have made no effort to verify the claim. In cut tests, it has held up well and sliced nicely, but the blade geometry and stock thickness have more to do with that than the steel chemistry.

The blade snaps open quickly and easily, which, given the size, is quite a feat. Its size and feel match the 605 quite nicely, though that knife had a finger choil that helped with grip.

Olitans T017 Mini Pocket Knife Review
(Photo/Anthony Sculimbrene)

There are inserts of glow material on the handle that work though they are not tritium, so I imagine they will lose much of their brightness over time.

The blade itself is well-ground and looks nice. For the price, there is a lot to like about this knife.

But It Is Not All Roses

Unfortunately, the pivot is exceptionally loose and cannot be cinched down, as it is both a free-spinning pivot and lacks a driver head on the show side.

You can tighten it a bit, but over time I have found that it will loosen up a bit. Its optimal state still results in blade blade when locked up though not as bad as you might imagine given the price. Other than this issue, there are no other fit-and-finish problems.

The knife is, of course, exceedingly small and would be hard for people with large hands to use effectively. But that, of course, is something you know going in.

Olitans T017 Conclusion

Nice design, good size, and purportedly excellent steel, but a bad pivot colors the entire product.


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