Progeny MR Knife Review: Classy Blade Won’t Break the Bank

The A. Purvis Progeny MR packs loads of value into a knife that competes with blades with much higher price tags.

Over the past few years, the price of the average knife has gone up considerably. The Delica, which could be had for around $55 street price a decade ago, regularly costs $84. The benchmark for high-end knives, the Chris Reeve Sebenza, was $330 for more than a decade and is close to $400 now.

Neither of these knives has substantially upgraded materials. It’s just that knives cost more now than they did a decade ago — like everything else in life. And this makes good values exceptionally hard to find.

Well, the A. Purvis Progeny MR is just such a value. Designed by custom knifemaker and modder Adam Purvis and made by Bestech Knives (aka BTK), the Progeny MR gives you a very high-end feel, excellent design, and reliably good materials for $138.

There are three handle materials: green Micarta and two you should ignore — orange G10 and black G10. (All true knife knuts know that green Micarta has been kind since the Loveless days.)

There’s also a larger version of this knife with a higher price tag and better blade steel called the Progeny V2. Given my preference for smaller blades, the choice was easy for me.

Progeny MR Knife Specs

  • Overall length: 7.6″
  • Blade length: 3.25″
  • Handle length: 4.3″
  • Weight: 2.92 oz. (Mr. Purvis, please add this to the specs list … it’s worth bragging about!)
  • Steel: 154CM

Progeny MR Knife Design

While the price and specs are nice, Purvis’ insightful design makes the MR stand out from the crowded field of new knives in 2020.

Most prominent is the “edge below knuckles” design that puts the cutting edge well below your hand when holding the knife, much like good kitchen knives do. This promotes aggressive cutting and comfortable, long-term use.

progeny MR edge below knuckles

The knife also has only a single scale (the locking leaf in the liner lock), saving weight. The cutout for lock disengagement is large and also helps with grip.

progeny MR single scale

On the spine of the handle, there is a “runway” for your finger after it hits the flipper tab to open the blade, resulting in consistent and comfortable deployment.

progeny MR runway

And finally, there is the perfectly designed and executed pocket clip that gives the knife sure purchase but causes zero hot spots.

progeny MR pocket clip

Conclusion: A Brilliant Knife Design

I would prefer slightly thinner blade stock for arm-hair-terrifying sharpness, and the rear of my review sample had some pokey edges, but both can be improved with a few seconds of maintenance. I sharpened the edge a bit, pulling back the cutting bevel, and I lightly touched up the rear of the handle with a strop for easy grip.

In all, with the across-the-board price increases in knives, the Progeny MR sits in the midrange. It’s a dominant blade offering performance and design well above its price tag. If you’re looking for a midsize, midprice knife, this should definitely be on your list.