Sharpen Knives On Brick, Cinder Block

In a world filled with $350 knife-sharpening jigs and platinum-tip edges we sometimes forget that the purpose of sharpening is to make a knife usefully sharp.

In this video you will see time-lapse footage of a master sharpener at work using the crudest of tools. This isn’t a trick — it really works.

You can even get more primitive if you want. A nice flat piece of sandstone sits in the pocket on my BK-9’s sheath and serves as a free and very good field sharpener. It doesn’t last long, but it’s easy to replace. Other nice items for sharpening include the underside of a ceramic coffee cup and, for a convex edge, sandpaper on a mouse pad.

As the poster of the video says, “Just take your cheapest knife and practice, practice, practice.”