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Refined Classic: Swiss Army Knife ‘Cadet Alox’ Review

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[leadin]If you know someone who has opposed thumbs, you know someone that could use a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Cadet Alox.[/leadin]

swiss army cadet pocket knife

The Cadet is all about polished precision. This is a great knife for anyone — from serious blade junkies to people who don’t like knives. It has a slick modern look that seems at home next to any Apple device, especially with the sliver scales.

It has a small complement of amazing tools and a form factor that makes a pack of gum look chubby. All of this comes in at around $30.

swiss army knife 2

The key to the Cadet’s greatness is the perfection with which Victorinox executes its tools. They are polished, tight, and everything fits together seamlessly.

Swiss Army Knife History

The company has been making tools for more than 130 years so it has the process down pat. But still it is a marvel to handle a Cadet and realize that it has the fit and finish of a knife that is $100 more.

The tool complement is quite nice — a can opener with a small flat head driver, a file with a 2D Phillips driver, a bottle opener with a larger flat head driver, and a perfectly sized spearpoint knife blade. Other than a pair of scissors, there is not much missing.

swiss army bottle opener

Returning to the theme of time-tested perfection, each of the tools inside the Swiss Army Knife here are among the best versions on the market compared to other multitools. The Cadet’s bottle opener is better than many dedicated openers I own, for example.

The Cadet is meant to be carried and used everyday — this is a good looking tool, but it is not a prissy show piece.

Swiss Army As EDC

The Alox scales absorb bumps better than your car’s shocks, and the Krupp 1.4116 stainless blade steel is virtually rustproof. It isn’t the hardest stuff on the market, but its exceptional sharpenability means that you can get a razor edge back in seconds, even with the most rudimentary sharpening skills.

The Cadet isn’t a tactical blade or the most advanced EDC in the world, but it is a damn fine tool for nearly any person. It also makes a great gift because of its utility, non-threatening appearance, and price.

swiss army knife


  • Price: $30 stock (more expensive for limited editions)
  • Steel: Krupp 1.4116 Stainless
  • Blade Length: 2 1/2 inches
  • Overall Length: 3 1/4 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
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