Forge To Fine Art: Blacksmith Aaron Cergol

Hot iron, sparks, anvils, and pounding hammers dominate the scene as Aaron Cergol crafts axes, hammers, and knives on a restored forge.

blacksmith sparks

In this original video episode (a part of our “Epic Occupations” project in collaboration with YETI), GearJunkie travels to Milwaukee where a young master blacksmith creates works of art from steel.

Aaron Cergol at his forge
Aaron Cergol at his forge

We focus on Cergol’s “epic” occupation as a traditional craftsman using methods developed over hundreds of years but largely forgotten today.

hammer forged in the video
End result: The hammer forged in the video (stamped with GJ logo at the end)

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–‘Forge To Fine Art’ is an original GearJunkie production, shot and edited by Erik Nelson, and sponsored by YETI. Thanks to Aaron Cergol and Todd “the hammer” Hoffman in Milwaukee for the shoot.