EDC Knife Fits In Wallet

A knife thin enough to fit in a wallet and carry everywhere.

wildcard knife

The WildCard is just 2mm thick but it carries a useful array of tools, including a small blade, slotted screwdriver, bottle opener, and pry bar.

There are a ton of small multitools on the market. We’ve tested products manufactured by Zootility Tools, the maker of this card-tool, and the brand has good-quality designs. They are made in the USA.

wildcard size

This card tool has a super-thin, stainless steel blade. It’s not very rugged but for simple cutting tasks it will work.

And if you carry a wallet, it will always be there. “I wanted something I wouldn’t forget, something I wouldn’t lose, and something that would take up as little space as possible,” said inventor Nate Barr.

Barr notes he spent two years developing the pivot that allows the knife to rotate and nest within itself, protecting the carrier when not in use but easily opening into a locking, partially-serrated blade in one motion.

A nice side note on this design is it allows the blade to be removed easily, so if you forget the knife while going through security at an airport, you can just remove the blade and keep the card for your flight. Upon return home, you can order a replacement blade for just a few dollars.

The small “tools” contained in the card may come in handy in a pinch, which is what they are designed for. If you’re doing a real job, you’ll want real tools, however.

Manufactured in Portland, Maine, and available for $25 on Kickstarter, this is a handy little product that can slip into a pocket or wallet to never be left behind.

Sean McCoy

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