Leatherman Custom Wave

Bedazzle Your Blade: Leatherman Launches ‘Wave’ Customizer

Fully customize your classic Leatherman Wave multitool with etched text, patterns, or even your own images.

Leave no question which tool is yours by customizing the blade and handle designs with your own vision. Today, Leatherman announced its Custom Shop, an online design studio for uniquely decorating multitools.

To start, the Custom Shop will handle orders for the Wave+. But in the next month, the brand plans to add more “Leatherman favorites” to the mix. While users can upload their own artwork, Leatherman also provides a library of patterns and images to choose from. Here’s everything you need to know!

Leatherman Custom Shop

First off, Leatherman notes it uses laser etching for all designs, so artwork and text will be in gray and black — no colors. But users can select different art for both the left and right handles as well as each side of the Wave’s 2.9-inch blade.

The process starts by selecting the color of the tool itself: silver or black. Then, users choose what they want to customize: left handle, right handle, left blade, and right blade. The custom shop charges each time users add artwork to one of the four areas of the Wave. The price breaks down as follows (in addition to the $99.95 Wave retail price):

  • $7.95 for text
  • $14.95 for Leatherman’s patterns and art
  • $16.95 for any user-uploaded art

We’ve tried out the customizer, and it looks slick. Users should definitely follow Leatherman’s instructions for adding custom art. Here are some notable no-no’s:

  • No trademark or copyrighted content
  • No celebrities
  • Avoid busy images with color (it only etches in black and gray)
  • No professional or collegiate teams, logos, or mascots
  • No inappropriate or pornographic images

Plus, users should ensure they upload designs in the following supported file formats: AI, EPS, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, PSD, or SVG.

Beyond that, the sky’s the limit. Once users choose their artwork or text, they can further customize the size, placement, and orientation on the handles or blade. And a Leatherman offers a host of designs ranging from animals, nature, activities, symbols, and vehicles.

Tools deliver in one to two weeks, so check out the Leatherman Custom Shop now to get any orders in before the holidays!

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