Loaded Dervish Longboard

Carve and skid through huge, swooping arcs on pavement with the Loaded Dervish Longboard, a unique ride built from fast-growing bamboo. The board is cambered from tip to tail, and its wheels are completely visible when standing on the deck. It has top-mounted trucks.

All this equals a ride with a lower center of gravity and more control, according to the company. As an additional eco bonus, Loaded Boards Inc. employs a non-toxic proprietary epoxy to make its boards even more responsible products. Loaded Boards Inc.‘s Dervish Longboard costs $315. www.loadedboards.com

—Stephen Regenold

This product is a part of a series of “Green Gear” highlighted on Gear Junkie and an accompanying article on ESPN this week. See all the featured products below.

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