Grooviest Lantern In The Campground

Grooviest Lantern In The Campground

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Missing your lava lamp in the campground? Need something to accompany that Rocky Mountain High? Well, the new Luci Aura “mood setting inflatable solar lantern” glows at 65 lumens in one of seven colors. Push a small button between the solar panels to flip between red, green, blue, purple, yellow, light blue, orange or a near-white I’ll call “frost.”

The Luci Aura weighs in at 3.8 oz.

But now for the real fun — push the button one more time and the Luci Aura by Mpowerd scrolls automatically from color to color, fading out from one color only to illuminate in another color, about every seven seconds.

The Luci Aura can be set on one of seven colors or to scroll through all seven in slow succession.

That’s some sweet campground mood lighting! While not super bright, the Luci Aura produces enough light for a picnic table or the inside of a tent. It weighs just 3.8 oz, is about the size of a CD and one inch thick, and will be available online in early September.

Charging in the sun

I picked one up to test from the Outdoor Retailer show a couple weeks ago and have been impressed with the little light. It inflates kind of like a beach ball, seems durable and the light, charges quickly in sunlight and emits a pleasant, colorful glow for hours.

Deflated, the Aura is only about an inch thick

Not interested in the groovy Aura? The Luci Outdoor inflatable solar lantern has been on the market for a while and is an inexpensive lightweight solar lantern. Like other Luci models, it kicks out 80 lumens for 6 to 12 hours from a full solar charge. The outdoor model is also waterproof and has an emergency strobe setting. It costs just $15, the same price as the Luci Original.

The original Luci Lantern emits 80 lumens of white light and costs $15.

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