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Stand Up! Adventure Motorcycle Training to Keep Your Butt off the Seat

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Sure, it’s winter, but you can still keep those riding skills honed by getting a little creative. In this adventure motorcycle training video, Bret Tkacs reminds us we don’t need access to dirt to practice standing on the pegs.

Many motorcycle riders retire from riding for the season when the colder months hit. That’s usually wise when the snow is blowing sideways, and temps hit sub-zero. The problem is that also means months pass before we get back on our two-wheeled steeds. And in that time, we can lose a lot of what we gained while riding during the summer.

Motorcycle trainer Bret Tkacs reminds us that when the weather clears, we can still train. And we don’t have to go far. All we need is an empty parking lot with a few obstacles.

In this training video, Bret shows bike positioning, counterbalancing, and foot dabs — all while keeping his butt off the seat.

It’s not super complicated, but it’s amazing how this core knowledge can transfer to everyday riding. When you’re in deep sand, slippery mud, or on a steep hill climb, wouldn’t it be great if all you needed to do was concentrate on nailing your line? With finely-honed skills, you can go into auto-pilot and do just that.

If you watch this video — and practice the techniques — you’re not only building balancing confidence but also working on your clutch, brake, and throttle skills.

adventure motorcycle training bret tkacs

As Bret says, “The idea of having advanced riding skills is really about perfecting the basics to an advanced level.”

As a bonus, you’re ahead of the rest when you get back out there for regular riding in the warmer months. Plus, practicing during the less-popular time of year for riding means you’ll extend your riding season. And who doesn’t want that?

Runtime: 9 minutes

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