Segway on Steroids: LyteHorse’s Electric ‘Stand-Up ATV’ Looks Insane

LyteHorse reimagines stand-up transport, the ATV, the electric vehicle, and the horse in one fell swoop.

Have you ever off-roaded on a Segway? Yeah, neither have we. If it seems fun and dangerous, well, you’re not alone there, either. LyteHorse Labs is riding to the rescue for all who crave wacky, off-road, stand-up-ATV cavorting.

The Canadian electric vehicle maker’s eponymous creation promises to push the ATV envelope with an unprecedented form factor and tough specs. A partnership with Michigan-based automotive manufacturer Mayco International positions it for a successful rollout. And an unlikely inspiration from animal husbandry informs the rider experience.

The LyteHorse planted itself in our imaginations as soon as we saw it; here’s our first look.

A Horse, of Course? LyteHorse Inspiration, Utility, and Build

LyteHorse’s team points to humankind’s 3,000-year-old relationship with horses as the inspiration for its new EV. “The form factor of LyteHorse vastly reimagines the power and utility of the ridden horse,” CEO Allen Bonk said.

That may seem like a strange way to put it, but it does check out on closer inspection. The stand-up four-wheeler is designed for jump-and-run use, and it’s built to go anywhere.

It boasts four-wheel drive, heavy treaded off-road tires, and a considerable 80-mile max range. On top of that, it’s towing capacity took us by surprise — LyteHorse lists a burly 2,500 pounds.

The rider experience also seems pretty cool. Unlike a horse or car, the LyteHorse is noiseless (according to the brand), and it can reach an attention-grabbing 40 miles per hour. With its combined capability, the company presents it as an option for anyone from search-and-rescue personnel to park rangers to golfers.

lytehorse on golf course
Photo courtesy: LyteHorse Labs Inc.

LyteHorse Stand-Up ATV: Production, Target Market, and More

LyteHorse’s design team, led by the CEO’s brother, Brad Bonk, made a big step by conceiving the first-of-its-kind EV. Help from Mayco International, a leader in automotive “art to part” delivery, positions the stand-up ATV for a scalable takeoff in its multiple target markets (including military and search and rescue, but hopefully public consumers as well).

“Mayco provides us with an accelerated time to market and efficient supply chain expertise,” Allen Bonk said. He notes that the partnership opens the door to produce the LyteHorse at scale, up to and including government contracts.

The company does appear to be pursuing military contracts, but we’re more excited about the LyteHorse’s recreational potential. Its performance makes it seem fun and effective for a broad segment of outdoor users, and its electric platform is a step toward sustainability.

lytehorse in abandoned building
Photo courtesy: LyteHorse Labs Inc.

Saddle Up: LyteHorse Availability

If you’re ready to hop on the only off-road stand-up electric vehicle that’s modeled after a horse and can go 40 miles per hour, check out LyteHorse’s reservations page.

According to the website, units are available to order now for shipping and delivery in 2021. However, the company does anticipate high order volume, so delivery “may extend” into late 2021.

Still, I bet that’s not as long as it would take you to train a horse.

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