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Polaris Introduces the World’s Most Powerful Stock Side-by-Side

On November 9, Polaris announced its most potent side-by-side OHV yet. The RZR Pro R packs 225 horsepower of giddyup.

Polaris’s new side-by-sides lead with straight-line power. How much? According to the brand, the RZR Pro R’s 2.0L four-cylinder engine is the most powerful engine ever put into a stock side-by-side.

The Pro R should go puckeringly fast, so Polaris also gives it plenty of hardware for strength and control. A one-piece chassis couples with a fully welded roll cage, and strengthened unitized hubs and burly boxed steel A-arms help keep it together.

A MaxLink suspension delivers a whopping 29 inches of usable travel. And proprietary “intuitive” suspension technology senses terrain and vehicle input to optimize rebound and compression. The platform’s 74-inch stance is the industry’s widest.

Steve Menneto, President of Polaris Off-Road, says the RZR Pro R and its variant, the 181-horsepower Turbo R, address a common need among off-roaders.

“The reality is, passionate off-roaders are reinforcing their stock chassis and suspension, often spending thousands of dollars to make their machines stronger,” Menneto observed. “RZR Pro R and Turbo R bring that next-level strength straight off the showroom floor.”

The two RZR variants share most suspension components and capability, like FOX 3.0 Live Valve X2 Internal Bypass shocks, and the one-piece chassis and roll cage. They also share the proprietary smart suspension tech, called DYNAMIX DV, and Polaris’s RIDE COMMAND, which handles GPS, suspension monitoring, entertainment, and more.

Between the two builds, the Turbo R churns out better low-end power for corner-to-corner acceleration. A lower-than-low gear helps it crawl through the nasty stuff.

Polaris RZR Availability and Options

Upward of 70 accessories are available for each platform, helping them perform in a wide array of terrain. The brand builds three terrain-optimized models preloaded with curated features: the Dune, Desert, and Rugged Trail.

Both the RZR Pro R and Turbo R come in two- and four-seat versions. The Pro R starts at MSRP $32,000, and the Turbo R starts at MSRP $26,000. Three trim levels are available across both platforms, and shipping starts in spring 2022. Check out all the details, or build and price your own RZR, at the Polaris website.

a Polaris RZR Pro R side by side jumping a ramp in california
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