Would You Spend $80 on Off-Road Windshield Wipers?

BFGoodrich has built a reputation for great all-terrain tires. And now it’s taking a stab at windshield wipers for your off-road vehicle.

If you’ve spent much time driving jeep trails, you’re undoubtedly familiar with BFGoodrich. The T/A KO2, for example, is highly regarded for its rugged performance.

So now the brand is leaning on that reputation by launching a line of windshield wipers intended to tame the mud, water, and other flying muck encountered in off-road driving. Meet the BFGoodrich Off Road Wiper Blades, brand-new for 2020.

BFGoodrich Wiper Blades: Pricey Performance

I’m going to cut right to the chase here: These name-brand wiper blades cost $80 a pair. That’s quite a hit. Bosch, for example, will sell you two high-end wiper blades for half that price. Even the priciest Rain X wiper blades cost just $32 a pair.

But if your truck rocks the latest roof rack, rooftop tent, armor, lighting, and other gadgets, $80 is one of the cheapest upgrades you can make. And with the burgeoning market for easy add-ons to make your vehicle stand out, BFGoodrich might have just what you’re looking for. Because face it — these things look cool.

Check out the video below if you’re in the target market.

BFGoodrich ‘Off Road’ Wipers: What You Get

So you read this far and aren’t daunted by an $80 price tag. What do you get?

Let’s start by saying that BFG licensed its name to Pylon Manufacturing Corporation to make these wipers. According to a press release, the engineering firm made them specifically for trucks, jeeps, SUVs, and 4x4s. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire tread inspires the wiper blades’ pattern, which I have to admit looks pretty cool.

But beyond that, the technology specifics are pretty thin for now. The brand’s marketing notes that “the BFGoodrich Off Road Wiper Blades are built to improve visibility in even the toughest of conditions.”

bfgoodrich off road windshield wipers

It does this through SCRUB-TXM technology. The brand claims it clears away “mud, bugs, rain, snow, and grime.” They also have a double rubber element for off-road driving, WeatherTread technology to remove all that muck off your windshield, and a Secure-XTM Connector.

Yes, many clever names, and not a ton of details about how they function. It’s worth noting that some of the YouTube comments are hilarious. “Can I add 35-inch wiper blades to my windshield without a lift?”

Indeed, the world wants to know. In the meantime, our editors are hoping to get our hands on a pair of these soon to give them a real-world test and see if they’re worth the extra scratch.

So, what’s the worst thing you’ve had to remove with your windshield wipers? Give us some ideas and we’ll put these to the test.

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