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Ford F-150 Recall: Nearly 185,000 Trucks Impacted Over Safety Concern

An underbody insulator may come loose and wear on the driveshaft, potentially fracturing it over time, and posing the risk of an accident.

Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published a recall report, outlining a potential defect that could impact thousands of 2021-22 model year Ford F-150 pickup trucks.

According to the report, Ford notified dealers this week of the recall, which includes 184,698 F-150s, and will send notices to affected owners in late January.

The defect involves an underbody heat and noise insulator. According to the NHTSA report, Ford engineers determined the insulator may come loose and potentially come in contact with the aluminum driveshaft. Over time, this may cause wear on, or even fracture the driveshaft, Ford noted.

This issue could result in loss of power when driving or movement of the vehicle while parked. In the event a fractured driveshaft contacts the ground while driving, drivers could lose control of the vehicle and risk crash or injury, the report noted.

Ford F-150 Recall: Driveshaft Damage

To date, Ford has received 27 reports of fractured aluminum driveshafts possibly caused by this defect. The recall specifically impacts 2021/22 4×4 SuperCrew models, with a 145-inch wheelbase and optional sound insulation package.

So far, there have been no reports of injury due to this issue.

Of the nearly 185,000 trucks being recalled, Ford estimates only 10% will require service relating to the defective part. If impacted, drivers may hear a “rattling, clicking, or clunking noise,” the report said. They might also see scoring along the driveshaft near the insulator.

Ford initially began investigating the issue in July. The Detroit automaker stopped manufacturing trucks with the faulty insulator in mid-November. The brand determined affected trucks were manufactured between January 10, 2020, to November 20, 2021, the NHTSA report states.

Ford said it expects to mail impacted owners recall notices on January 31, 2022, instructing them to bring their F-150 into a Ford or Lincoln dealer. They will receive a free inspection and any required maintenance related to the recall.

Vehicle owners can also contact Ford customer service at 1-866-436-7332 and reference recall number 21S56.

Customers can also look up their truck’s VIN to determine if it may be affected using the NHTSA website.

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