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‘Jeep’ Razor Scooter Adds 35% to the Price and Nothing Else

Razor Jeep RX200 claims to be trail rated, off-road scooter(Photo/Razor)
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It’s a bird! It’s a Lime! It’s … a Jeep-themed electric scooter? Why, yes. Yes, it is.

Meet the Razor Jeep RX200 scooter. Razor, the brand that ushered in the scooter’s return and murdered preteen ankles throughout the early 2000s, has segued into the rugged-ish e-scooter market.

In what seems like an attempt at appealing to both the e-scooter and outdoor crowds, Razor tapped America’s off-road OG, Jeep, to supply the trim. So, naturally, the Jeep RX200 is priced at a bit of a premium — a 35% premium over the version of the RX200, aka the one that doesn’t give off Wrangler vibes.

Razor’s Jeep RX200 Scooter

Razor Jeep RX200 claims to be trail rated, off-road scooter

In an announcement made on Tuesday, Razor said that its new, “trail-rated” Jeep RX200 e-scooter would be “coming soon” and that it’ll cost $500 a pop.

At the time of writing, Razor had priced its original RX200 at $318 on Amazon; that pricetag carried over to Walmart’s RX200 stock. With the “Jeep” trim, Razor hiked the price $182 over the original version — a product that shares the same power and specs in every way but lacks the confidence that only off-road branding, Wrangler-inspired headlights, and army-green powder coating can supply.

Maybe there’s a burgeoning Veblen market for scoot-scoots, but the business decision has some of us at GearJunkie scratching our heads.

Razor Jeep RX200 v RX200
A side-by-side comparison of RX200 and Jeep RX200 e-scooter features.

A Trail-Rated E-Scooter? Eh …

Both iterations of the electric scooter claim trail-rated pneumatic tires, a max speed of 12 mph, and the torque to back it up. Eight-inch tires, while girthy when compared to what you’ll find on the average rental scooter, are still pretty petite.

Razor also claims 8 miles of range — or up to 40 minutes of run time — on a full charge. So, if you do take this bad boy out for some backcountry scootin’, be prepared to walk all 40 pounds of it back to civilization.

And even though the scooter is recommended for adult riders, its load-bearing capacity tops out at 154 pounds. So, there’s that. As for suspension, there is none.

To paraphrase our automotive editor, the RX200 seems like a fun product, but “could barely work in a flat yard.”

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Jeep E-Scooter Specs and Availability

At any rate, if it just so happens that you fit the rugged urban scooter profile, here’s what you’ll get for your money.

Razor Jeep E-Scooter SpecsJeep RX200

  • 200W motor
  • Rear-wheel chain drive
  • Rear-wheel disc braking
  • 12 mph max speed
  • 8-mile range
  • 40-minute run time
  • Twist-action throttle
  • 8-inch pneumatic tires
  • Trail-reminiscent dual headlights
  • Army-green powder-coated steel frame
  • Adjustable handlebars with rubber grips
  • 39.5 pounds

Learn more and check the Wrangler-centric scooter out ahead of the presale at Razor.

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