Lexus J201 concept

Lexus J201 Concept: 550 HP of Luxury Off-Road Muscle

The Lexus J201 concept is set to debut in just a few days at the Rebelle Rally, an all women’s off-road navigation rally over 1,200-plus miles of harsh terrain in Nevada and California. This concept is all show and lots of go!

On the heels of its impressive GXOR concept in 2019, Lexus this year steps up to the plate again with a new overland concept based on its flagship LX570 luxury SUV. But don’t let the stealthy all-black look of this build fool you.

This big luxury SUV is extremely capable from the factory, and even more so after it got the overland/off-road upgrade treatment by the team at Expedition Overland. Not only would the J201 look at home at the valet of a fancy hotel parking lot, but it would look even better covered in mud in the mountains.

Lexus J201 concept

Lexus J201 Concept

Let’s cut right to the chase. This build is awesome not only because it looks good — it also has a massive 550 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque. That big power comes courtesy of the Magnuson Supercharger that Expedition Overland installed atop the 5.7L V8 sitting under the hood.

We’d love to smash the skinny pedal and see what this truck does with all that power! But with full-time 4WD and a curb weight well over 6,000 pounds, we’re not sure even that many ponies under the hood could chirp all four tires on dry pavement.

Running Gear

Lexus J201 concept

To make that big motor purr and move this big machine through any terrain, mechanics fitted a snorkel and gears. Fresh air comes by way of a TJM Aritec raised air intake.

The truck was also re-geared with 4.30 gears from Nitro Gear. While the differentials were open to install the gears, they also fitted ARB Air Lockers for the ultimate “easy button” when the terrain gets truly difficult.

When you add power and weight to a vehicle, it’s always important to also consider bringing all that quickly moving mass to a stop. For this build, Expedition Overland added StopTech drilled and slotted front and rear rotors along with SuperSport Performance Brake Pads.

Fresh Shoes

Lexus LX570 Icon Vehicle Dynamics upper control arm

The Lexus J201 concept gets an impressive 33-inch General Grabber X3 tire and 17×8 EVO Course Dakar Zero wheel package. This combo adds up to 4 inches of extra sidewall to the tire over stock. Not only should that improve overall ride comfort on any terrain, but it also allows you to air down for optimal traction when the going gets slick.

An OEM spacer lift maximizes ground clearance and fits those bigger tires. Along with the factory airbags and upper and lower control arms from Icon Vehicle Dynamics, the J201 gets a few inches of height boost. Through recalibrating the OEM height sensors, this system also gives the truck about 2.8 inches of height adjustment.

Off-Road Capability

LX570 CBI bumper with Warn Winch

Expedition Overland further covered the J201 concept with bolt-on upgrades. Up front, you get a CBI Offroad bumper with WARN winch. Out back, a double swing-out CBI bumper will hold a spare tire and dual Scepter water jerry cans.

Underneath sits a full set of skid plates and a set of rock sliders. Up top, there’s a low-profile Prinsu Design Roof Rack system with integrated MAXTRAX traction board storage bins. Of course, LED lighting from RIGID Industries and Baja Designs also covers the vehicle.

Controls & Storage Upgrades

Lexus J201 concept Goose Gear drawerAn ARB LINX system in the overhead console controls all the accessories. This small touchscreen interface acts as a switch and monitor system for things like the lighting, Air Lockers, ARB dual compressor, and battery.

A custom Goose Gear platform drawer system in the back of the truck has two big drawers, one of which stows a WARN Epic Recovery Kit. On top of the drawers are custom inset dog bowls. Not sure how practical they really are, but they’re fun.

To top off the J201 build, Lexus put a set of shiny Zero Halliburton Pursuit aluminum travel cases in the back. These suitcases look beautiful but will no doubt slide all over the place if carried atop the drawer system and not secured.

Rebelle Rally Lexus J201 Debut

Defending Rebelle Rally champions Rachelle Croft and Taylor Pawley, of team The X Elles, will race the Lexus J201 in this year’s event. We’re looking forward to seeing this big luxury SUV get dirty over the 10-day, 1,200-plus-mile, women’s-only off-road navigation rally.

Be sure to watch the Rebelle Rally live, when it starts on October 8, at

Where Does the J201 Name Come From?

The Lexus LX570 is the base vehicle for this concept and the sibling of the venerable Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series. Toyota and off-road enthusiasts refer to both of these vehicles by the J200 moniker.

The J201 nameplate is a play on that internal model designation, referencing that this pinnacle SUV has been taken one step further.

Bryon Dorr

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