Rivian Tank Turn Is Real! Electric Truck Spins Like a Top

A video leaked over the summer and later taken off the internet created huge buzz over a stunning feature of Rivian’s forthcoming electric truck. Now, a new official video confirms what a Rivian truck can do!

It’s official, the Rivian R1S and R1T will sport a zero-turn radius feature. We showed you leaked video of this all-new Rivian electric vehicle feature back in July. This feature now stars with even more clarity on a video posted directly to the Rivian YouTube channel.

We’re stoked, as this awesome technology is now officially coming on the two launch vehicles from Rivian. Both the Rivian R1T pickup and R1S SUV, specifically the four-motor variants, will be able to turn in place — at least on low-traction surfaces like mud, snow, and sand.

With an electric motor powering each wheel independently, all it takes is some computer wizardry to make the vehicle do a “tank turn.”

The future of off-road vehicles is not only electric but also good fun! The expanded capabilities of this type of vehicle are just starting to be explored.

Rivian Shows Off Wild 'Tank Turn' Feature
Rivian Shows Off Wild 'Tank Turn' Feature
A leaked video from Rivian’s PR firm shows off a crazy new turn-on-a-dime feature that will debut on the R1T and R1S. Parking lot donuts will never be the same! Read more…

Bryon Dorr

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