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Mercedes ‘Ultimate Luxury’ SUV Includes Actual Tea Set

Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Showcar
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The crossover SUV vehicle segment has a new king, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury. This concept vehicle takes the segment to all new heights of technology and sophistication. It also has a fancy integrated tea set!

Mercedes-Benz debuted the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury at Auto China 2018 in Beijing. The concept merges a high-end luxury sedan and an SUV into what Mercedes says is “Sensual Purity.”

I’m not sure what that means exactly. But when I think “crossover vehicle,” I don’t generally envision a posh vehicle like the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury. (That name is quite a mouthful!)

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If it ever comes to market, this impressive vehicle’s only buyers will be the ultra wealthy. But it should be relatively environmentally friendly and capable off road. Mercedes conceived it as an all-electric vehicle, utilizing four compact permanent magnet synchronous motors. And it offers fully variable all-wheel drive.

Next-Generation Electric Vehicle

Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Showcar has an integrated tea set

Mercedes has hinted at the future of electric vehicles with claims of cutting-edge charging and battery technology. The flat underfloor battery can be hooked to a fast charger or standard electrical outlet. Charging via induction is also an option, contactlessly transmitted by an electromagnetic field below the car. The brand claims the quick charge system adds 60 miles of range in just five minutes!

With 750 hp on tap through a completely variable all-wheel-drive system, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury will be no slouch on road or off. Mercedes claims a 200-plus-mile range and an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph top speed. You should be able to get to where you need to go, and quickly.

It’s Always Tea Time!

Mercedes knows where to find ultra-wealthy people who appreciate status symbol vehicles. That place is currently China, and the Ultimate Luxury show vehicle is designed specifically to appeal to that market.

Throughout the interior, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury uses “Magic Wood” ebony, a material traditionally found in Chinese furniture design. Body styles combining SUV and notchback sedan design elements are currently the most popular in China. Thus, Mercedes aims this vehicle squarely at the Chinese market.

The wide center console in the back seat integrates a tea service, complete with teapot, teacups, and heated tray. At the press of the button, the handmade fine china electronically retracts into the console, hidden under a beautiful black high-gloss sliding cover. I guess tea is the new champagne for the ultra rich.

To Ride or Drive? That Is the Question

The Ultimate Luxury is intended to be driven primarily by a chauffeur, with a focus on rear passenger comfort. But it should also be exciting and comfortable to drive. While I’m generally a driver, I think it would be a worthwhile experience to ride in this fine automobile.

The raised seating position, the reason many people love SUVs, allows for a commanding driver position and sweeping views for all passangers.

A balance between an SUV and a sedan, this vehicle has a luxury vibe while being just sporty enough to look and feel athletic. Flowing interior forms and delicate fabrics contrast with dark, hard woods and clean aluminum parts. The 24-inch turbine-style wheels on the Vision Ultimate Luxury are gorgeous and make it look fast at any speed.

Daydreaming of Luxury Crossover Adventures

How unreal would it be to be chauffeured in this chariot to your ideal adventure destination while sipping hot tea from fine china?! It’s fun to dream. But with the least expensive current Maybach vehicle costing about $170,000, it’s unlikely that us mere mortals will ever sit in these finely crafted seats.

Now that the crossover segment has reached this level of opulence, will it die or only grow stronger? Either way, Mercedes has made a strong statement with this vehicle on what they see as the future of luxury automobiles.

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