Watch the ARGO XTV Go Anywhere It Wants

Our film stage was the ARGO Anywhere Tiny Lodge, hidden in the Wisconsin Northwoods. It rests quietly among two small lakes and miles of private trails.

Each morning, the sound of V-twin engines cut the silence. Atop hard-charging ARGO XTVs, the GearJunkie crew wasn’t shy about pushing boundaries on allowable land, in water, and over any obstacle.

ARGO’s line of XTVs is anything but your standard 4×4. The eight-wheel-drive amphibious XTVs are moving hunters and anglers farther into the bush — to wild places once thought unreachable.

This original film captures the capabilities of these modern off-road machines, not to mention the sublime 2,000 acres of nature the ARGO Anywhere Tiny Lodge calls home.

We filmed this video on a closed course on private land. Please use XTVs responsibly and respect applicable environmental laws and regulations.

This video is sponsored by ARGO. See the complete line of XTVs here


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