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Colorado Trail FKT: Nina Bridges Smashes ‘Old’ Record by 6+ Hours

Less than a month after Tara Dower set the supported women's FKT on the Colorado Trail, Nina Bridges set a new one — and not by an insignificant margin.

(Photo/Nina Bridges)
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The record for the supported and overall women’s fastest known time (FKT) on the Colorado Trail (CT), set by Tara Dower on July 31, 2023, was broken on August 25 by Nina “Mooch” Bridges. Bridges managed to crush the 486-mile thru-hike, stretching from Denver to Durango, climbing some 90,000 vertical feet, in just 8 days, 14 hours, and 15 minutes.

The first supported FKT set by a woman on the Colorado Trail was in 2003 by Betsy Kalmeyer. She hiked the CT in 9 days, 10 hours, and 52 minutes, and her record stood for almost 20 years — until this July when Dower finished her thru-hike in 8 days, 21 hours, and 59 minutes.

However, Dower’s record wouldn’t stand for as long as Kalmeyer’s. On August 24, just 25 days after Dower broke Kalmeyer’s record, Bridges set a new supported women’s FKT on the CT, beating Dower’s recent time by 6 hours and 44 minutes.

Bridges’ hike ended in Durango on August 24 at 7:15 a.m. She averaged 57 miles a day.

Colorado Trail FKT: ‘What a Fun Camping Trip!’

Nina Bridges’ CT FKT route; (photo/Garmin)

“This was one of the hardest and most fun things I’ve ever done. A week filled with lots of laughter, crying, and beautiful places. I couldn’t have done this without Ben Supron, Josh Perry, [and] Zane Wasicko for being the most amazing support crew ever. So much appreciation and love for y’all,” she wrote in her Instagram post about the accomplishment.

Bridges even included a shoutout to the previous record holder: “Thanks for Tara Dower for stepping up the bar after 20 years and for the support while I was out here!”

“Even though I had hoped to hold the women’s supported record for longer than a couple weeks, I am happy for Nina and her crew,” Dower told GearJunkie. “She put down some serious miles out there and as I followed their journey, I grew to respect her grit and fortitude. She’s the one to beat now, and it won’t be easy for the next! The Colorado Trail has been dominated by women this year, and I’m truly excited to watch and cheer on all that attempt these incredible efforts.”

In another Instagram post, Zane Wasicko, one of Bridges’ support crew members, quoted Bridges, saying, “What a fun camping trip!”

Bridges isn’t new to setting FKTs on thru-hikes like this. In October 2022, she became the seventh person and fastest woman to complete a “yo-yo” of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). It took her 190 days and 6 hours.

Bridges’ impressive FKT has yet to be confirmed by Fastestknowntime.com. We’ll update this article when it is.

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